"The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society
dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values.
..this elite would not hesitate to achieve its political ends by using the latest modern techniques for influencing public behavior...Persisting social crisis, the emergence of a charismatic personality, and the exploitation of mass media to obtain public confidence would be the stepping-stones in the piecemeal transformation of the United States into a highly controlled society...
In addition, it may be possible—and tempting—to exploit for strategic political purposes the fruits of research on the brain and on human behavior"


Monday, June 4, 2012


(Public Service Announcement from U.S. Navy)
"What humanity has done is to create technologies, of which the nuclear scenario is the biggest example, which mimic or emulate the 'cosmic catastrophe' or 'cataclysmic evolution' scenario formulated by Immanuel Velikovsky.  We have created, unleashed, and saturated our environment with a host of carcinogenic and mutagenic substances and energies.  We ARE the experiment, those of us alive now."

NOTE FROM JEFF:  The gravity of the situation requires me to risk redundancy; here is a compilation of Fukushima Reality information designed to help us make sense out of what is really going on with the global radio-logical scenario. Three spent fuel pools WERE DESTROYED OVER A YEAR AGO.  'Spent' fuel rods are MUCH MORE RADIOACTIVE than when they went into the reactors.  More dangerous for an organism than having cells killed by ionizing radiation is having their chromosomes damaged.  Marine biologists from Woods Hole tell us that Pacific ocean contamination is 'safe'.  Guess who they work for?  The U.S. Navy, who is the world's BIGGEST nuclear entity.  And should we expect Fukushima to become an 'extinction level' event?  No, it's an amplified 'planetary mutation process' as of over a year ago.  WE are the experiment. 

Immanuel Velikovsky:  Our Collective Unconscious

 Fukushima Realty:  Spent Fuel Pools 1-3 'gone missing'
'Through A Narrow Window',  Silent Spring, Rachel Carson
'Hot Legacy', The World Without Us, Alan Weisman
Message to Marla Cone, ed., Environmental Health News
Message to John Peterson, Arlington Institute
"...we are as if deaf; we are not willing to listen; we are like patients of traumatic experiences who refuse to know what happened to them. But if man’s urge to repeat the experience should assert itself—and he now has all the necessary tools to recreate the destruction witnessed by his ancestors—he may turn this planet into an uninhabitable place. Since we are acting, as Freud said, in collective delusion, and if every one of us, and we together as a collective, are irrational, then it is not again a celestial mishap, not a disaster that may come from the sky which endangers the future of life on this planet: it is man himself with his collective unconscious. He does not know what is -hidden in this unconscious, he does not wish to know it, and when it comes to revelation, reacts as a neurotic patient..."


In recent weeks since the U.S. senator visited Fukushima, declaring it a 'national security issue' that the UN must deal with, a massive amount of attention has been focused on Building 4 and its spent fuel pool whose incipient collapse is a 'doomsday scenario' bringing about 'the end of life on this planet.'

What no one is talking about, and everyone seems to have forgotten, is that back during the very first week of Fukushima in March 2011, explosions, at one of them a full atomic blast, blew the tops off of Buildings 1, 2 and 3.  At least one of the reactors was itself blown apart;  all three were in full melt-down within hours.

Each of these reactors had spent fuel pools located right above them. 
With blasts of this magnitude ripping apart the reactors and buildings, it is physically impossible that those spent fuel pools were not destroyed that first week.

What this means is NOT that an 'extinction-level event' has occurred or is going to occur;  what it DOES mean is that an amplified 'planetary mutation process' was unleashed over a year ago that won't show its full force for many generations...if anyone is still around to witness the aftermath.  Another likelihood is an astronomical spike in global cancer rates;  this, too, may not become evident for some time.

For old times' sake, here are links to several articles from the first week of Fukushima documenting how the spent fuel pools were blasted apart and fragments of them were found kilometers away.  Interestingly, bulldozers came right in and covered it all up as quickly as possible.

The main reason this is so dangerous is because of the extremely high quantity of PLUTONIUM contained in ALL spent fuel rods, regardless of whether or not they were MOX.

'Through A Narrow Window', chapter from Silent Spring, Rachel Carson

"The living cell assaulted by radiation suffers a variety of injuries: its ability to divide normally may be destroyed, it may suffer changes in chromosomal structure, or the genes, carriers of hereditary material, may undergo those sudden changes known as mutations, which cause them to produce new characteristics in succeeding generations. If especially susceptible the cell may be killed outright, or finally, after the passage of time measured in years, it may become malignant."

"Hot Legacy", chapter, The World Without Us, Alan Weisman

“…used nuclear fuel, some of it decades old, languishes in holding tanks. Oddly, it is up to a million times more radioactive than when it was fresh. While in the reactor, it began mutating into elements heavier than enriched uranium, such as isotopes of plutonium and americium…At WIPP…the U.S. Department’ of Energy is legally required to dissuade anyone from coming too close for the next 10,000 years. After discussing the fact that human languages mutate so fast that they’re almost unrecognizable after 500 or 600 years, it was decided to post warnings in seven of them anyway, plus pictures…Since Palo Verde opened in 1986, its used fuel has been accumulating, because there’s nowhere else to take it. In plants everywhere, spent fuel ponds have been re-racked to squeeze in thousands of more fuel assemblies. Together, the world’s 441 functioning nuclear plants annually produce almost 13,000 tons of high-level nuclear scrap…”


Marla...have you actually READ what this article says?

You may have read the emails I've sent you recently, including the personal introductory note regarding the firing of the Canadian marine biologists.

I've been covering the REALITY of the global nuclear scenario in depth since Fukushima, and have written, posted and had published quite a few articles.  Dr. Alexey Yablokov, co-author of Chernobyl:  Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment  contacted me recently to thank and compliment me on my latest comprehensive article on this.  Do you understand what this means?  Yablokov is THE world authority on the REAL effects of Chernobyl and ionizing radiation.

I HIGHLY recommend that you look at this book for a REAL survey of what is going on.  SAFE LEVELS OF IONIZING RADIATION DO NOT EXIST AND NEVER HAVE.  The presence of increasing levels of synthetic radio-nuclides in the biosphere are generating a growing cascade of negative mutational effects.  THIS is the legacy of ionizing radiation.

The article I mention above is in your latest newsletter.  For you to publish a link to this is extremely irresponsible journalism and 'science.'  They are propagating the illusions that

1) Fukushima wasn't that bad and is basically a done deal  

2)  that the radiation that did come out was at 'safe' levels of no concern to human health

3) that carbon dioxide is a 'pollutant' 

4) implies that countries like North Korea are 'bad' nuclear guys because they performed an underground test  

5) implies that some kind of global 'supra-national' organization should exist or be created in order to over-see oceanic radiation research and 

6) that levels of radiation contamination in the ocean CAN be measured.

This is a total illusion on par with the illusion that a planet like the Earth can have a 'temperature' that can go up or down and therefore indicate 'global warming.'  A planet cannot have a 'temperature'...a planet has an extremely large number of different temperatures in different locations at different times and it is constantly changing.  The concept of 'average' is meaningless for a planetary temperature.

The synthetic radio-nuclide content of the ocean can never be measured because 

1) more is being released all the time 

2) it is moving all the time and 

3) ALL radio-nuclides have decay-chain properties by means of which they are constantly transforming into 'daughter products', EACH of which has ITS own decay-chain properties and so on.  At this point in time, over 1,946 synthetic radio-nuclides exist as a product of fission reactions (Gauld et al., ORNL) EACH with its own decay-chain properties.

EACH of these isotopes and daughters are biologically significant.  Radiation measurement has to be based on looking at or for specific cannot measure 'radiation' per se except in a very crude way.

To know the 'temperature' of the Earth, you'd have to have a measuement from EVERY POINT ON EARTH.  How small would a point be?  The minimum size necessary to show a change in temperature.

To know the 'radiation content' of the ocean, you'd have to measure every cubic centimeter of water.  Even then the levels and ratios are constantly changing.

Do you see the logical impossibility of all this?

Ken Buessler works for WHOI (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute), which is pretty much a wholly-owned subsidiary of the U.S. Navy...the organization who 

1) controls almost all marine biology research 

2) operates more nuclear reactors than all western countries combined 

3) operates HAARP and an unbelievable array of exotic weapons and 

4) is THE single greatest menace to cetaceans globally.

In other words, Buessler works for the Navy and anything he says or does is going to be what the Navy wants him to say or do.  He is NEVER going to find ANYTHING harmful about anything having to do with radiation.  To him it may as well be a nutrient.

No amount of 'funding' is going to allow him to 'measure' the radiation content of the is logically impossible. 

The actual quantities do not matter.  What MATTERS is Yablokov's warnings that the effects of Chernobyl and all synthetic radio-nuclides released into the biosphere create 'genomic instability' in ALL POPULATIONS AND ALL SPECIES OF LIFE, as well as a significant increase in mutations, which are invariably negative.

Synthetic radio-nuclides have only existed for 65 years or so.  The genetic effects are incalculable and unknown...WE and life as we know her now on Earth ARE THE EXPERIMENT.  Geneticists in the day of Rachel Carson like Dr. Arnold Lehman stated that it was necessary to study at least 25 generations of humans even to begin to understand the long-term effects of synthetic mutagens, whether they were radiological or chemical.


I highly recommend that you read a few of my articles/postings from recent months concerning the entire global nuclear/radio-nuclide scenario with particular emphasis on Fukushima.  My background is in inter-disciplinary science;  I work for no one other than Mother Earth.  I have had quite a few articles published in hard-copy magazines, most recently New Zealand-based Uncensored with a circulation of several tens of thousands down under and in the UK.  I am currently writing a comprehensive article for Uncensored entitled "Friendship for No Advantage: The Whales and Dolphins...Who They Are and How They Are Under Attack"Contained within these posts is a wealth of basic information designed to help people to formulate a basic understanding of ionizing radiation and its health effects.

The single most important thing to realize is that yes, all life on Earth has evolved in the presence of all forms of radiation...including sunlight...which is essential for life;  trace amounts of uranium are found in topsoil all over the world.  So some 'radiation' is of course natural and necessary. 

A huge difference exists between 'naturally occurring' radio-active substances and radiation and the highly mobilized and concentrated synthetic substances and radio-nuclides created by human activity.  HUGE.  We are talking orders of magnitude of energy intensity and biological effect requiring dozens of zeroes to quantify.

Life as we know it has been evolving here for billions of years in the presence of naturally-occurring radiation;  we are designed to live in harmony with this.  The ozone layer helps to protect us from excessive UV radiation, for example.  What humanity has done is to create technologies, of which the nuclear scenario is the biggest example, which mimic or emulate the 'cosmic catastrophe' or 'cataclysmic evolution' scenario formulated by Immanuel Velikovsky.  We have created, unleashed, and saturated our environment with a host of carcinogenic and mutagenic substances and energies.  We ARE the experiment, those of us alive now.

In the days of Rachel Carson, one of the few people really to understand the deeper meanings of all this, top geneticists like Dr. Arnold Lehman stated categorically that in order fully to understand the effects of mutagenic substances like DDT or synthetic radio-nuclides, at least 25 GENERATIONS OF HUMAN BEINGS MUST BE STUDIED.

Less than 3 generations have come into being since all these substances were created.  Do you get the picture now?  WE ARE THE EXPERIMENT...AND JUST THE BEGINNING OF IT.

A central concept to understanding the danger of ANY level of synthetic radio-nuclides is called the Petkau Effect.  More dangerous for the health of an organism than to be killed out-right is to have permanent genetic damage that may not show up for several generations.

Like the nuclear engineers who have been exposed to high levels of radiation and have lived to ripe old ages in good health DOESN'T mean that they do not have genetic damage that hasn't revealed itself yet.  The might not...but they well may.

From here on out I will let my previous postings speak for themselves.  TOP scientists with whom I am in contact, for example, Dr. Chris Busby, Dr. Tedd Weyman, and Dr. Alexey Yablokov in particular stand by my information and have thanked me for my work.


Ace Hoffman's book The Code Killers is a brilliant and colourful resource book of well-designed charts and graphs.

Yablokov's book is THE DEFINITIVE STUDY of the effects of Chernobyl 25 years later.  They found serious negative influence in every kingdom of life studied across the board AND that so far over 4 billion people have received significant doses of radio-nuclides from Chernobyl, which is still on-going.

Purely logically, Fukushima surpassed Chernobyl's radiation dissemination within the first week it happened due to the vapourization of at least two spent fuel pools.  THIS IS NEVER MENTIONED BY NEWS TODAY WHO IS HYPING UP THE BUILDING 4 SCENARIO.

Chernobyl was an event;  Fukushima is a much more complex and on-going process which is only beginning to gather 'steam' in terms of its more slowly moving disseminations of radio-nuclides into the water table and, most distubingly, the entire Pacific ocean.  Chernobyl was a big explosion, but Fukushima has had many;  Chernobyl had very low amounts of plutonium;  Fukushima has MASSIVE AMOUNTS.  This alone is THE most dangerous aspect.  Chernobyl had no spent fuel pools that burned up;  Fukushima has already lost at least two and possibly more, with another one likely to go at any time.

Chernobyl's radiation blasted out quickly;  Fukushima's is far less explosive but astronomically greater in quantity and radio-nuclide's moving much more slowly BUT IT WILL CONTINUE TO MOVE THROUGHOUT THE BIOSPHERE ESSENTIALLY FOREVER...and MORE RADIO-NUCLIDES ARE BEING CREATED ALL THE TIME from what is going on with the molten reactor cores down in the ground.

This IS an 'extinction level' process...this doesn't mean that humans WILL become extinct because of this...but certainly we will AT SOME POINT like 99.9 % of all other life-forms except the cyano-bacteria who've been here from day one of life.


And this is just the 'human' perspective, us worried about ourselves.  What is of far greater consequence is the damage to all other life-forms and consequent KARMA we are creating for ourselves.

As Dr. Carl Sagan (who I got to meet) liked to emphasize, the Earth is the only place we know of who has life.

Here are links to a few things I've written.  The Carl Sagan article is a good survey of the glocal nuclear scenario before Fukushima.  The next article is a good place to start with the post-Fukushima scenario.  Then there are a few more that will fill in greater detail.

* "Carl Sagan and the Nuclear Scenario:  A Cosmic Perspective on Terrestrial Problems"  Jeff Phillips

* "Global Radio-logical Catastrophe and 'Cataclysmic Evolution" Jeff Phillips

"The Day of Omnicide is Upon Us" Jeff Phillips

"Increasing the Frequency of Consciousness:  Free-Lance Intelligence Report" (contains 'Global Nuclear Scenario Update' section) Jeff Phillips [published in its entirety in last issue of Uncensored magazine]

FOOTNOTE FROM JEFF:  Another thing that it's ESSENTIAL TO UNDERSTAND is that since the 1990's a 'new generation' of weapons systems have been deployed based on electromagnetic/radio-frequency energy like microwaves.  HAARP is the single best known of these, but is by no means the only one;  the technology lends itself to vast networks of electronically-integrated components operating at the speed of light and at power levels approaching that of the sun itself.  The leap from atomic weapons to HAARP is as great as that from gun-powder to atomic weapons.

ALL THINGS NUCLEAR WERE DESIGNED FROM THE BEGINNING TO BE DEPLOYED AS BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS...not to 'blow things up' but to destroy life without destroying infrastructure. 


READ THE ATTACHED .PDF, WHICH IS ARCHIVED ON-LINE AT THE URL BELOW.  It's a comprhensive introduction to this I wrote last year.

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