"The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society
dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values.
..this elite would not hesitate to achieve its political ends by using the latest modern techniques for influencing public behavior...Persisting social crisis, the emergence of a charismatic personality, and the exploitation of mass media to obtain public confidence would be the stepping-stones in the piecemeal transformation of the United States into a highly controlled society...
In addition, it may be possible—and tempting—to exploit for strategic political purposes the fruits of research on the brain and on human behavior"


Monday, October 24, 2016


where nearby coral reefs have dissolved into mush since this came on-line in 2012

Since H.A.A.R.P., the original mac-daddy proto-type of mega-ionospheric heaters came on line around 1996, we have been living in what Zbigniew Brzezinski calls the 'technetronic era' in which nuclear weapons have been rendered obsolete by the 'new generation' of Tesla-technology based microwave transmitters that can conduct ENMOD, or 'weather warfare', simulating 'global warming' or 'climate change' at local or region levels; conduct 'tectonic warfare' by creating artificial earth-quakes; disrupt satellite and global telecommunications, military or civilian; serve as 'C-cubed-I' facilitators ('command, control, communication, counter-measures, and intelligence), conduct Earth-penetrating tomorgraphy (which can be used to find mineral and hydrocarbon deposits), the remote electronic simulation of bio-chemical, pharmacological and/or psycho-active substances (think 'electronic LSD'); most disturbingly,however, is its ultimate use as a global mind-control (or debilitation) weapon.

I think we crossed this threshold a number of years ago...look around many people do you see, encounter, and have to deal with on a daily basis who seem to have compromised cognitive functions, debilitated mentalities, chronic if low-level dementia? Personally I witness this a LOT these days. Global electronic mind-control operations may not be the sole factor driving this increasingly pervasive syndrome but I believe is a major contributor to our psychic malaise as a whole. Even without 'deliberate weaponization' as spoken of by Brzezinski, the side-effects of this kind of microwave levels would be debilitating as well as mutagenic and carcinogenic.
These technologies are unequivocally 'Atlantean' in the sense of being able to wreak global environmental havoc on such a scale as to invite a planetary cleansing, what the Hopi call the 'day of purification' from extra-planetary and possibly extra-heliocosmic sources beyond our comprehension and not on our radar.

From the book 
Angels Don't Play This H.A.A.R.P 
by Dr. Nick Begich and Jeanne Manning

Chapter Twenty-three 


This chapter explores a complex subject - the use of electromagnetic waves for mind manipulation. The material is translated into simpler concepts and can be understood without a great deal of technical background. One of the main goals of the authors has been to make these concepts understandable to the layperson. 

The idea of HAARP as a system for mind manipulation, some will say, is a big leap from the ionosphere. For low level military planners, it may well be. However, after a careful review of the possibilities described in the HAARP contract documents and planning records, coupled with the array of Air Force materials gathered by the authors, the possibilities are evident. The HAARP transmitting system could be used inadvertently or intentionally to alter mental functions. 

These next chapters will inform the reader and raise serious questions regarding what might be hidden behind the HAARP project.

 I foresee the time when we shall have the means and therefore, inevitably, the temptation to manipulate the behavior and intellectual functioning of all people through environmental and biochemical manipulation of the brain. 
The 1968 New York Times article quoted Dr. David Krech of UC Berkeley, who predicted a new technology which in the intervening years has become a reality. The work in this area has moved far beyond what anyone would think was possible a few years ago. These developments raise profound questions which should be dealt with squarely and openly, considering their far-reaching implications. Moreover, the use of the ionosphere as an antenna by the United States or any other country to manipulate in a military self-serving manner, is probably in violation of international treaties and should be forbidden by international organizations. 

Dr. Jose M. R. Delgado, M.D., has researched the human brain and published his results in professional papers since 1952. He was educated in Spain and came to the United States to work at Yale University in 1950. He became a Professor of Physiology at Yale, where he continued his research work focusing on the control of the mind. His early work pioneered our understanding of the human brain and was summarized through 1969 in a book he wrote, called Physical Control of the Mind - Toward a Psychocivilized Society. 

This early work was mainly animal research, and included insertion of electrodes into the brains of animals. He found that by inducing an electrical current in the brain of his subject, he could manipulate behavior. Delgado discovered that he could create a number of effects from sleep to highly agitated states of consciousness. 

His later work was done wirelessly, with his most advanced efforts developed without electrode implants used at all. Stated differently, he achieved the brain manipulating effects at a distance, without any physical contact or devices attached to the living creature being manipulated. 

Dr. Delgado found that by changing the frequency and waveform on an experimental subject, he could completely change their thinking and emotional state. Dr. Delgado‘s work set the foundation for many other researchers, while at the same time opening the possibilities of misuse by the government. On page 229 of Dr. Delgado's book, he uses a quote from the UNESCO's Constitution which, in the context of his work and this book, is foreboding: "Since war begins in the mind of men, it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be constructed."

It is a thought, in the context of Delgado work, which smacks of the Orwellian story, 1984

 In a book about the Central Intelligence Agency's (CIA) pursuit of mind control technology, Dr. Delgado‘s work is also misused. Dr. Delgado's research was reviewed in 1969 by Dr. Gottlieb, who worked for the CIA's Office of Research and Development (OR) while looking for the possible uses of this technology. At that time, the work was still crude, although the CIA shared Dr. Delgado's vision for techniques which would allow for a psycho-civilized society. 

During this period, a neurosurgeon at Tulane University, Dr. Robert G. Heath, brought this prospect closer to reality with his work in electrical stimulation of the brain. 

As one author recently put it, like Dr. Delgado, the neurosurgeon concluded that ESB (Electrical Stimulation of the Brain) could evoke hallucinations as well as fear and pleasure. It could literally manipulate the human will at will. 

The CIA‘s interest in mind control began with the Korean War, during which the North Koreans demonstrated skills in the area of mind control not previously seen in the West. The CIA undertook a significant research effort into this area which extended to numerous related fiascos. Some of these were uncovered in subsequent scandalous revelations which included Canadian citizens being mentally manipulated without consent, treatment of thousands of university students and military personnel with LSD, etc. 

To the CIA, Dr. Delgado‘s wireless effects were thought-provoking. He discovered that animals could be placed within an electromagnetic field (EMF) and be manipulated without any physical contact. 

Moreover, the fields Delgado uses are as low as one fiftieth the strength of the Earth's own magnetic fields... yet when the signal is tuned to precise frequencies, Delgado can do much more than make a monkey sleepy. 

These technologies are increasingly being recognized by other researchers, and the data base has reached a level of certainty not understood as little as ten years ago. Today, a number of tools for brain entrainment are even being marketed. Very sophisticated brain biofeedback devices have also been developed which are being used to teach individuals to alter their own brain activity to more desirable states. These devices are being used to help people with various mental dysfunctions, and others reach higher peak performance mental states. These devices can be likened to mental gym equipment designed to create individually controlled exercise programs for the brain, with the outcome being increased mental functioning. It should be kept in mind that John Heckscher, HAARP program manager, made clear in an interview that the frequencies and energies used in HAARP were controllable and in some applications would be pulsed in the 1-20 Hertz range. The ranges of frequency and energy levels, he also stated, were small, but distinguishable from the Earth's own pulsations. 

This point was further amplified by Heckscher when he said, "The ELF/ULF waves to be generated by HAARP through interaction with the polar electrojet will have power levels so small compared with me existing background that special integrating receivers wilt have to be used to detect them."

The issue is one of controlled coherent signals, which as we stated above can be one fiftieth the energy level of the Earth's natural fields and still have profound effects on brain activity. The HAARP system creates a huge coherent controllable electromagnetic field which could be compared to a Delgado EMF, except HAARP's doesn't fill a room, it potentially fills a region the size of a large western state and, possibly, a hemisphere. 

Basically, the HAARP transmitter in this application will emit energy of the same level as the Earth‘s which is 50 times more than was needed in the wireless experiments of Dr. Delgado. What this means is that if HAARP is tuned to the right frequency, using just the right wave forms, mental disruption throughout a region could occur intentionally or as a side effect of the radio frequency transmissions. 

Another important factor not thoroughly reviewed in the HAARP documents is cyclotron resonance. The HAARP signal uses this concept in its radiated energy. The effect of cyclotron resonance is a large increase in reactions in the ionosphere and in living organisms on the ground, under certain conditions. Many activities in living cells involve charged particles, and cyclotron resonance allows for the transfer of energy to cause ions to move more rapidly. 

It is cyclotron resonance which allows very low strength electromagnetic fields, together with earth's magnetic field, to produce significant biological effects. It occurs because the total effect has an impact on very specific particles when tuned to the right frequency. When combined with the Earth's normal magnetic fields, it is important to note, only ELF frequencies (1-100 Hertz, pulses per second) appear to cause these biological effects, Cyclotron resonance can be visualized as a particle being spun like a coiled spring and then screwed right through the cell wall into the cell. This effect is one of the major considerations in electro-medicine. 

To some degree this explains why non ionizing levels of radiation produce the effects they do. 

In other words, cyclotron resonance provides a condition where a significant interaction can take place, causing chemical reactions or other physiological responses. The manipulation of energy, when applied to living systems, can be used for enhancing the potentials of people or for harming them. It is here where the reactions occur leading to good, neutral or negative health effects. 

The concept of cyclotron resonance was applied to the research carried out by the U.S. Naval Medical Research Center. They were able to apply external fields in such a way as to affect the brain chemistry of rats. The same effects can be created in humans. The Navy research showed that they were able to affect the lithium ion, occurring naturally in the brain, so as to create the same effect as if they had treated the animal with a chemical introduction of lithium (lithium is used as a strong antidepressant). 

Stated another way, you could say that by harmonizing or resonating with the frequency of naturally-occurring chemicals, you could amplify their potency in the body of the animal, thereby creating the same chemical changes as would have occurred with a massive dose of the chemical being administered. 

One military application of this knowledge would be to introduce to adversaries on the battlefield a minute amount of a chemical compound in their water supply, air supply or by other means and then (after they consume the contaminants) transmit the right frequencies toward them to activate the otherwise benign chemicals. It would cause debilitating effects. The chemical introductions would be below generally accepted levels for toxic effects, and yet toxic effects would occur. This is a way a country could slide around international agreements regarding chemical warfare. This technique has not been lost on the military; it is clearly understood and described in Air Force documents. 

These documents offer a clear example of the electrical medicine predicted by Dr. Patrick Flanagan in September, 1962. Unfortunately, the military‘s applications are being developed for the wrong purposes. The research base controlled by the United States government and others is being withheld from those engaged in human development and healing an unfortunate situation given the current state of the world and human health. 

A better application of this technology would be to rebalance peoples‘ chemistry using a combination of low levels of chemicals with properly tuned transmitters. This technique is being applied to healing in Europe and Asia through electro-laser acupuncture techniques perfected by researchers in those areas. Dr. Reijo Makela has developed a system of treatment for use in altering body energy levels in such a way as to induce chemical changes leading to cures of disorders heretofore considered incurable. Dr. Makela‘s work involves treatment of cancer, diabetes and other debilitating diseases. 

He has lectured throughout Europe and Asia on the methods he uses and is recognized as a leader in alternative medicine. He has trained a number of technicians in Europe and operates clinics in Spain and Finland. As a result of his success with over 12,000 patients in twelve years, more than 600 former patients joined together to form a support organization for Dr. Makela‘s research. The idea that a group of patients would come together for such a purpose is unheard of in the United States. 

The HAARP radiated energy pulses, and the wave forms cited in the contract documents, are within the ranges most cited by research scientists as those responsible for controlling and manipulating the mind and body. This is an important factor which the military never discloses in any of its documents associated with the HAARP project, most particularly the Environmental Impact Statement. 

The effects that Delgado‘s teams in Spain are studying include behavior modifying in animals, inhibiting bacterial growth, altering migratory movements in snails and healing bone fractures in rats. Electromagnetic fields (EMF) have also produced some effects with significant negative ramifications, including genetic mutations in fruit flies and gross deformations in chick embryos. 

What this implies is that these low level effects alter the building blocks of the cells, which then alter the body components; which then alter the body. This translates into big problems for people when applied to human physiology. Scientists have known for some time that high levels of this type of radiation can heat up (ionizing radiation) the body, but they have assumed that low levels were not a problem. 

However, the current research, including military research, indicates that this is not the case. ―For better or worse, weak electromagnetic fields are emerging as a potent biological force - a discovery with staggering implications for future medicine, science, industry and perhaps even the military... There is growing concern among experts that EMFs have been - or will be - deployed as invisible weapons to disrupt brain functioning and health. 

The work of Delgado would not be particularly alarming if it were isolated. However, ―animals exposed to radiation from radio waves show subtle changes in blood cell count, immunity, the nervous system, and behavior, according to a 1984 EPA document.‖ The majority of these observed effects were from exposures which were within the government approved safety thresholds. 

Here is where the Office of Naval Research, our good neighbors on the HAARP project, return to the scene. These are the same people that insist that the HAARP project is safe and is operating within the safety levels determined to be safe for humans by the government. However, United States safety levels are 1000 times LESS strict than the Soviets, which raises the question of why the United States standards are so low and what the Soviets observed to convince them that safety considerations required their higher standards. 

The Navy supported an international research effort to duplicate Delgado's chick embryo experiments by initiating Project Henhouse, which involved six laboratories. In 1988, the results were reported in a meeting of the Bio-electro-magnetics Society with five of the six laboratories reporting, apparently, very low-level, very low frequency, pulsed magnetic fields contribute to increased abnormality incidence in early embryonic chicks. 

This study which was paid for with Naval resources showed that low levels of radiation could cause health problems. The Navy is aware of all of the global research going on in the area of non-ionizing (non heat producing) radiations. The Office of Naval Research has been collecting published scientific reports on the biological effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, and publishing a compiled set of abstracts, since 1974. This set of abstracts, in digest form, has grown to the point where over a thousand papers are listed each year. 

These scientific papers show differing results, and can be selectively used to make any number of points which might be positive, neutral or negative. The point made here is that the HAARP folks reduced this huge body of research to a couple of lines in the Environmental Impact Statement, which is wholly inadequate, considering the power levels to be employed with their ionospheric heater. The analogy can be made about the old story that a good lawyer can argue any point from either side and win by selecting the right citations. It is no different for the HAARP planners. They can selectively choose the research needed to demonstrate that there are no ill effects from their radio frequency transmitter and then, across the country on another project, select the research they want to show the opposite effect, in order to gain funding for a new weapon. In the case of HAARP, there are potential negative effects which are not being disclosed. 

A neuroscientist at the Loma Linda, California, Veterans Administration Hospital, Dr. Ross Adey, has demonstrated that the brain waves of animals can be manipulated. He has shown that they can be locked in phase with external pulsating waves, which thereby affect subtle changes in behavior including enhanced learning. He has further demonstrated, in work with Dr. Suzanne Bawin, that fields too weak to trigger a nerve impulse can alter the way calcium ions bind to cell surfaces, causing an array of chemical reactions within the cell itself. What this means is that the kind of chemical changes which are needed to cause alterations in thinking or health can he started by very small amounts of controlled power, through understood and manipulatable means. This point is extremely important when contemplating the HAARP technologies. 

Adey is also the only U.S. scientist to test a Russian machine which generates pulsed radio frequencies. Combined with other stimuli, it has been reported to induce deep sleep. When interviewed, Adey acknowledged that the device worked, but refused to comment on the United States military's use of this technology. A lengthy article in the Wall Street Journal discussed the direction of the military in the development of what they were calling, at the time, ―non-lethal‖ weapons. The article explored the use of anew class of weapons which could be used to disrupt communications, radars and other electronic equipment. 

In the article, retired Lt. General Richard Trefry, a military advisor to President Bush, said, "They're all real". He then went on to say, "But you're bordering on classified stuff here."

The article described a series of new developments leading to these technologies which did not exist ten years before. Time schedules for the development of these technologies had been established in 1982, with the systems expected to be ready for use in the early to middle 1990‘s. 

One of the major contributors to the nonlethal effort was John Alexander, mentioned in Chapter Two, who had written an earlier article for Military Review magazine about "the new mental battlefield". The article described the emerging technologies for use in telepathic weapons and systems which would interfere with the brain's electrical functioning. This article caught the attention of the military, who began to research this area. 

John Alexander was one of the prime movers in the advanced development of nonlethal systems, from his office at Los Alamos National Laboratories. He pursued his interests in obscure science and parapsychology, connecting with Janet Morris with whom he wrote a book on mind training techniques. In putting the book together, she recruited Ray Cline, a former deputy director of the CIA, who opened doors to the White House and Pentagon according to a Wall Street Journal article. 

The use of the technologies was apparently known by Alexander to be problematic, because some of the weapon systems would violate international agreements. Moreover, individuals began to raise concerns suggesting that the use of non-lethals might cause escalation, rather than control, of volatile conflicts. 

The Pentagon‘s nonlethal study group concluded that a major effort should be made to develop these technologies, and suggested that President Bush announce a new initiative in this area similar to President Reagan's announcement of the Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars). 

Military officials objected that such a !new initiative! announcement might have the effect of spurring other governments and possible adversaries to develop their own new systems and that it might cause policy makers to begin ―political meddling‖ into this militarily promising area. These military objections drove the program into even more layers of secrecy, and Janet Morris and Ray Cline were cut out of the inner circle. The policy makers then decreed that the nonlethal technologies would be referred to in softer terms as disabling systems in the future. 

The new technology race was already on, and it appeared America‘s adversaries may have already made significant advances in the development of new weapon systems. The limits for microwaves were set in the United States 1,000 times higher than the level considered safe in the former Soviet Union. The reason that the Soviets set their safety standard as high as they did was because they detected biological effects at levels ignored by the West. 

The Russians abandoned the thermal model that the U.S. Military ascribed to when setting American standards in the 1950's (standards were subsequently adopted by civilian regulators). The thermal model only acknowledges heating effects as potentially debilitating, and disregards the lower level radiations which also have significant effects when interacting with the fields of living things. The Soviets showed that electromagnetic fields, well within the U.S. safety standards, could disrupt heart rhythms, blood pressure and metabolism. 

In addition, Soviet scientist A.S. Presman said these fields can produce, visual, acoustic, and tactile sensations in man as well as emotional states in animals, (inducing everything) from suppressed states similar to narcosis to excited states reaching epilepsy. 

Presman went on to discuss the pronounced negative impact on creatures, from the embryonic stage up to the beginning of sexual maturity. 

The idea that genetic alteration could be caused by low-level electromagnetic fields causing deformation, death or other debilitating effects was the problem. The lack of mainstream medical understanding, beyond that found in leading edge research facilities, was the underlying barrier to recognizing the risks. What all of this means is that real damage to living things, including people, is likely being done by use of transmitters like HAARP. 

While on the other hand, if we gained a better understanding of these non-thermal levels of energy positive applications could be more widely used. 

The Beam Team 

From the 1960's through the 1970's, there were news and intelligence reports of microwave beams being directed at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. There are some indications that beaming of the Embassy was also conducted as late as 1983. This beaming has been the subject of much speculation over the years. 

The government has not released the full story, and for the most part it remains classified. 

Speculated effects of the radiation include health impairment and mind manipulation,Beginning in 1965, the government tested embassy personnel for genetic damage which may have been caused by the microwave beaming. At the same time, they launched operation Pandora, where monkeys were exposed to the same type of signals in order to measure the effects. While government representatives have maintained that there were no ill effects from the microwaves, the results of the embassy personnel testing and Pandora remain classified. Even though the impact of Russian microwave radiation is unclear, it turns out that there may very well have been some effect. 

When Dr. Gottlieb, the MK-ULTRA program director for the CIA, testified to the United States Congress, he said that when President Nixon went to the USSR in 1971 members of his party showed abnormal behavior including crying and depression. 

The spy community already knew that the Soviets had developed microwave beaming technologies which can affect mind, memory and health. Soviet research had already shown that it was also possible to create hallucinations and significant perceptual changes in people. 

The CIA's use of mind altering technologies is not new. Under MK-ULTRA, the CIA conducted memory experiments on thousands of unknowing people across the United States in 180 hospitals, research centers and prisons. The CIA used LSD and other drugs, brainwashing, sensory deprivation, hypnosis and many other mind control techniques until 1976 when the United States Senate investigated these practices. 

It appears the names of the programs and their approaches changed but the programs may have continued beyond 1976. 

Meanwhile the Soviets had moved way ahead of the United States in their development of mind war technologies. They had perfected a device called the Lida which produced an Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) pulsing field. Lida was used to put prisoners of war into trance, so that secrets could be extracted from them more readily. As mentioned earlier, this device was tested by Dr. Ross Adey in the United States at the Loma Linda VA Hospital. 

The Soviets went on to discover that by slight manipulation - by reversing brain polarity (by passing very low voltage current through the front of the brain to me back) - they could induce deep sleep. Mounting evidence also indicated that they may have perfected ―telepathic hypnosis‖ which could be deployed from hundreds of miles away from the target person. The Soviets took their technologies a huge jump forward by 1975. It was that year that they began using seven giant radio transmitters to pulse ELF waves in the 3.26 to 17.54 megaHertz range. These waves were pulsed at 6 and 11 Hertz-key brain wave rhythms - and became known to ham radio operators as the "woodpecker" signal. 

The story, like the HAARP story, indicated that these were used for communication with submarines, but many believe that the negative side effects were intentional. These side effects have been speculated to have caused communications interference, power failures, mood alterations over significant distances, affecting a large per centage of the population and weather modifications which have had a devastating effect on food production since the 1970's. 

A brilliant electrophysiologist, Dr. Makela studied physics and chemistry in 1953-59, followed by a two year study in psychology and additional studies in electrophysiology. He continued his education with advanced studies in Western and Chinese medicine and acupuncture, and has practiced medicine as either a research scientist or physician for over forty years. 

During a 1994 visit with Dr. Makela, Dr. Nick Begich discussed the HAARP project. The idea that the HAARP system could be used as a transmitting system for brain entrainment was explored, and it reminded Dr. Makela of a number of devices with whose features he was familiar. The idea that HAARP could create various wave forms across a large segment of the electromagnetic spectrum was of concern, considering the health risks. This system had the possibility of being misused, and the risks had not been well defined. Inadvertently there could also be negative health effects if the operators were unaware of the consequences of pulsed electromagnetic radiations in the wave forms they were using waves which were being bounced back to the earth from the ionosphere. 

In particular, when reviewing the HAARP materials, Dr. Makela was reminded of a particular device which was marketed for a short time in Japan. This device was a radio transmitter which carried a pulsed wave (6-12 Hertz). The pulses were in resonance with the radio waves, so that the radio waves acted as a carrier wave to create the desired effect. The device was used to relax or focus attention. 

The effect was created wirelessly and at a distance. It should be remembered that a United States military representative has already acknowledged that they intend to use HAARP to transmit pulsed radio frequency radiation (which we assert, if modulated in just the right way and with the right wave form, could cause serious negative health effects on people and animals). 

 HAARP specifications call for a very versatile set of parameters280 which can do what has otherwise only been demonstrated in the laboratory or under other controlled conditions disrupt minds and create negative health effects. 

The United States military is very familiar with these technologies. Captain Paul Tyler was the director of the U.S. Navy's Electromagnetic Radiation Project from 1970 through 1977. He was quoted in a February 1985 Omni article about the effects of electromagnetic radiations. 

He concluded that effects which could be stimulated chemically could also be stimulated electrically: ―With the right electromagnetic field, for example, you might be able to produce the same effects as psychoactive drugs. 

The ideas first kicked around by the CIA and early researchers were now being pursued by the military for use in controlling human behavior - a prospect of profound implications. 

Another player in this seemingly-disconnected group was Arthur Guy. Under contract to the United States Air Force, he helped compile the Radio-frequency Radiation Dosimetry Handbook. The book is the only one of its kind that explores a number of areas required for the development of weapon systems. In that publication, Guy's work from the University of Washington was described. At the University of Washington he exposed rats to low levels of electromagnetic radiation. The effect of these exposures included immunological stress and increases in the formation of tumors - four times the rate of unexposed animals. This study produced negative effects at radiation levels twenty times below the established United States safety thermal level! 

The research in non-thermal effects is being conducted throughout the world. In Germany, the Deutsche Forschungsgemein-schaft - the equivalent of the American Academy of Sciences - announced their research results concerning ELF. They concluded that non-thermal effects due to EMF exposures can be triggered in living cells under selected conditions. Reportedly, their research in these areas would continue. 

This chapter has shown that the state of the technology in the understanding of human physiology continues to advance at a very rapid rate. The result has been the discovery of effects not previously known or well understood. The controversy which still surrounds these areas is not so much one of does it or doesn't it work, but more about widespread ignorance of the impact of energy fields which surround all life. 

Scientists in various fields tend to specialize. Moreover, basic research is delayed - sometimes for decades - in being integrated into applied technologies. This occurs largely because old standards die hard and new breakthroughs in knowledge are slowly applied. New research takes many years to migrate from the high-tech defense laboratories to the practicing physician.

In the interim, the military has free rein to use these new technologies for weapon systems rather than healing systems."

"The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society…dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values...this elite would not hesitate to achieve its political ends by using the latest modern techniques for influencing public behavior...Persisting social crisis, the emergence of a charismatic personality, and the exploitation of mass media to obtain public confidence would be the stepping-stones in the piecemeal transformation of the United States into a highly controlled society...In addition, it may be possible—and tempting—to exploit for strategic political purposes the fruits of research on the brain and on human behavior." 

"Gordon J. F. MacDonald, a geophysicist specializing in problems of warfare, has written that accurately timed, artificially excited electronic strokes ‘could lead to a pattern of oscillations that produce relatively high power levels over certain regions of the earth. ... In this way, one could develop a system that would seriously impair the brain performance of very large populations in selected regions over an extended period. . . . No matter how deeply disturbing the thought of using the environment to manipulate behavior for national advantages to some, the technology permitting such use will very probably develop within the next few decades.’ “





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