"The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society
dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values.
..this elite would not hesitate to achieve its political ends by using the latest modern techniques for influencing public behavior...Persisting social crisis, the emergence of a charismatic personality, and the exploitation of mass media to obtain public confidence would be the stepping-stones in the piecemeal transformation of the United States into a highly controlled society...
In addition, it may be possible—and tempting—to exploit for strategic political purposes the fruits of research on the brain and on human behavior"


Friday, April 1, 2011


NOTE FROM JEFF: In the week since I posted my comprehensive “Geo-Terrorism and ‘Technetronic’ Warfare“ article, more information has provided even greater evidence of recent ‘natural disasters’ being “not so natural”, that is, being the result of weaponized geo-engineering. Abundant ‘signature’ patterns of HAARP-related weather modification technologies are being seen daily all around Australia, with mysterious “beams” visible on radar emanating from several locations, some of which correlate with known military bases; these beams are associated with highly unusual weather patterns, for example, massive rainfall all across south-eastern Australia. In New Zealand, reports keep coming in of massive chem-trail spraying over the southern part of the north island, even at night. We even saw a massive chem-trail over Lake Te Anau two days ago…obviously NOT a ‘contrail’ as NO plane could emit such a huge quantity of vapour. The massive plume gradually dissipated to cover half the sky, creating a swath that spread from the eastern to the western horizons. Two or three hours later it was still there, and a grayish mist could be seen in the west illuminated by the setting sun. This is NOT a populated area; this is remote south island New Zealand.

With respect to the quake/tsunami/nuclear scenario in Japan, it’s increasingly clear not only that this was the result of ‘tectonic warfare’, but also that other elements were at work to exacerbate the quake/tsunami damage, and to guarantee a “global poisoning event.” It’s no coincidence that an Israeli firm called Magna was running ‘security’ at Fukushima; Israeli ‘security’ firms were operating at Logan International Airport when 9/11 happened, and a company called Securacom handled ‘security’ at the World Trade Centres up until a few days before 9/11; Marvin Bush, brother of the former president, was the company’s director. Researcher Leuren Moret points out that the Mossad and CIA jointly developed a computer virus called Stuxnet which was designed to take out a specific kind of control system for nuclear reactors manufactured by Siemens, a system used by most civilian reactors globally. Moret tells us that nuclear reactors and their control complexes are never connected to the internet, to avoid “virus” contamination, BUT that Stuxnet could easily be “installed” via a simple memory stick in the right place…something any ‘security’ operative could easily do. Moret goes on to explain that the Stuxnet virus first appeared in Japan last October, only a month after a popularly-opposed decision was made to start using the plutonium-based MOX fuel in some of the Fukushima reactors.

Moret notes the astronomical improbability of back-up cooling systems in three different reactors failing simultaneously after the quake/tsunami, plus numerous anomalous problems with other control functions like valves opening. This is AFTER emergency power had been restored to the reactor control systems.

The radiation clouds travelling east from Japan appear to be being ‘steered’ via HAARP’s ability to create high-pressure zones which can deflect atmospheric wind patterns and cause massive amounts of rain to fall, which has been on-going over the eastern Pacific ocean and the entire west coast of North America for the past two weeks.

The situation in the U.S.A. is astoundingly bizarre; that anyone can take President Barry “Robama” Soutero more seriously than a superficially likable “self-help” guru/real estate agent is totally beyond me. I am totally serious: if “Obama” said on tv that the FDA had officially verified that eating shit was good for you, millions of people would start scarfing, with zest, especially after listening to their panel of brown-lipped “experts.” Unfortunately, what he is saying is actually far more dangerous than this, because ingesting plutonium particles is going to create much more serious health consequences than merely ingesting some fecal matter. Shit may clog your digestive system; its presence is lawfully allowed in many “food” products anyway. Some crap, moreover, isn’t going to destroy your DNA, deform your next several generations of off-spring, if they are even born, and give you cancer.

The amounts of ionising radiation in the form of over 1300 radio-nuclides emitted by fission reactions already exceed Chernobyl; Chernobyl was one reactor that exploded…Fukushima has three in advanced melt-down already, a spent fuel pool that has exploded (a scenario long known to be FAR more dangerous than even a melt-down), AND the likelihood exists that TEPCO has completely lost control, meaning that it’s just a matter of time until the three reactors in melt-down consume the other six reactors at the Fukushima site. Huge atomic-weapons explosions would then be possible, and MASSIVE amounts of radiation released into the environment, on the order of the equivalent of hundreds of thousands or even millions of single nuclear blasts.

“In 1986 technicians at the Chernobyl nuclear reactor tried an unauthorized experiment, without proper safety equipment on-line. An explosion of the hydrogen and oxygen that had built up occurred, as well as a partial core melt. An estimated 10 billion Curies of radiation was released. Thyroid cancer rates in the surrounding area are dozens of times normal, and many other cancer rates are also elevated.”

This paragraph from The Code Killers []tells the story of Chernobyl in a nut-shell, and provides even more evidence that this “accident” could have been the result of sabotage. An “unauthorized experiment” being conducted in the evening when all the primary personnel were gone, resulting in contamination of the Ukraine, the primary “bread-basket” of the Soviet Union, and this happening under the renewed Reagan-Bush “cold war.”

Plutonium is being detected in many locations. Plutonium is THE most deadly substance known to exist, and it only exists as the result of human activity. One gram is enough to cause lethal cancer in a million people. Only a few kilo-grams is enough to kill everyone on the Earth. Because of the MOX fuel rods which contain plutonium before they are used, AND the fact that the fissioning of uranium produces plutonium as a result, an unbelievable amount of plutonium itself exists at Fukushima alone. ONE fuel rod alone may contain more than enough to kill every person on Earth; over 600,000 fuel rods are believed to exist at the four reactors.

A spent fuel pool fire is FAR more dangerous than ‘just’ a melt-down…or two or three…”because there is often 30 or 40 times more fuel in the pools than in the reactor. A significant portion of the full load of many of the most dangerous fission products still remains in the fuel.”

AT LEAST ONE SPENT FUEL POOL IS KNOWN TO HAVE BURNED UP, and possibly three. According to Ace Hoffman, Dr. Richard Webb not only pointed out that the radioactive emissions from Three Mile Island actually went OFF THE CHART for a period of time, but that the strip-chart “stopped” for two critical hours. The NRC lied, saying the readings were “on” chart.

More importantly, Webb calculated the hazards of a spent fuel accident…WHICH HAS ALREADY OCCURRED AT FUKUSHIMA:

“160,000 square miles rendered uninhabitable by Cesium-137 alone; 338,000 acres of land ruined agriculturally because of Strontium-90 fall-out; 200,000 square miles ruined by plutonium contamination alone – a lung cancer dust hazard. Since performing those calculations he has also concluded that radiation is a lot more harmful than he had assumed, and that in the first two days after a reactor accident, 30 to 100 million people would be seriously damaged (or killed) by radiation fall-out.”

Contamination of the ocean is a MAJOR issue that is hardly being talked about. Massive amounts of highly radioactive water are pouring into the sea at Fukushima, and it’s not coming from the surface. Researchers believe that the water is coming from tunnels beneath the reactor complex; it is likely a combination of the sea-water pumped to try to cool the reactors leaking out below, as well as reactor coolant water leaking from damaged seals. All of this is returning to the sea, to be distributed globally by the local and trans-Pacific thermal conveyors.

And the massive rains that have been falling over the eastern Pacific and west coast of the USA are dropping a lot of the fall-out directly into the ocean. The negative health impacts on all oceanic life-forms are incalculable. This massive influx of radiation is going to destroy the marine food-chain and eco-systems.

In total honesty, this situation unfolding now is even worse than what scientists like Dr. Carl Sagan feared as an actual “nuclear war” in which thousands of war-heads would explode; the Fukushima scenario is releasing even greater amounts of radiation but less explosively. There are not yet any massive fire-works but the amount of nuclear material in a war-head of many megatons is contained in only a small number of fuel rods. Leuren Moret estimated that the actual ionising radiation already released equals that of literally millions of nuclear explosions.

Finally, because even the highest levels of radiation are essentially undetectable by our senses, the amounts that can kill or cause lethal effects are invisible, and the genetic damage resulting in birth defects and cancers may not show up for years or even generations. With the U.S. government telling everyone NOT to prepare for a nuclear emergency, that radiation is actually a nutrient…I would say that, barring direct intervention by angelic extra-terrestrials, there is no hope for the future of human life on this planet. Fukushima has already sealed that fate. And it may just be starting. Ironically, in the same way that Nazi exterminators targeted the most fragile and vulnerable of humans, the elderly and the very young, so it goes with ionising radiation.

If someone were holding a gun to your head, you would feel threatened and be concerned. Since 1945 the gun has been to our heads, but our heads have been buried in the sand. With the Fukushima quake/tsunami, the trigger was pulled; the nuclear ‘bullet’ has already been fired and is currently travelling towards us…every one of us, human and non-human. Even someone fast enough to dodge the proverbial bullet cannot dodge ionising radiation.

“WAG THE REACTOR” The “war in Libya” just happened to coincide precisely with the Japan geo-terrorism attack. This is by no means accidental, but the product of deliberate design. Sure, it’s a ‘real’ war just like the ones in Iraq and Afghanistan; but it’s the same story of the CIA-backed “evil doer” starring as (yet another) “public-enemy-number-one”, giving the appearance of a “freedom-hating regime” that needs toppling. Yes, by the way they have lots of oil and other natural resources. With this “war”, Libya’s store of “natural resources” will increase with the addition of all the “depleted uranium” munitions being deployed there. Who knows, maybe President Soutero will nuke Libya just for fun, what with all the other radiation in the air already. More fun and games!