"The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society
dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values.
..this elite would not hesitate to achieve its political ends by using the latest modern techniques for influencing public behavior...Persisting social crisis, the emergence of a charismatic personality, and the exploitation of mass media to obtain public confidence would be the stepping-stones in the piecemeal transformation of the United States into a highly controlled society...
In addition, it may be possible—and tempting—to exploit for strategic political purposes the fruits of research on the brain and on human behavior"


Monday, January 23, 2012



Jeff Phillips

Welcome to 2012. For all I know or suspect, the 'social engineers' and 'reality orchestrators' may have a new calendrical system on their 'social radar', to bring in along with our micro-chips. For now, however, let's keep our sense of humour alive and call 2012 a 'nu' year, 'nu' being the 13th letter of the Greek alphabet. 'Nu' is the mathematical symbol for frequency; let it symbolize an increase in the frequency of our thought and love vibration, an increase in the frequency of our acts of
kindness, sharing and compassion. An increase in the frequency of not just 'looking out for number one', but looking inward towards infinity; of making real changes in thought and deed which reflect an enhanced sense of conscious re-navigation.

I'm not sure how 'natural' all the current 'Earth changes' are, but they are 'real' if only because we are creating them all ourselves. In the Mayan calendar, a whole baktun is ending (or has ended), symbolized by the number This transition period, which is not only the closing of one grand series of cycles, but also the beginning of a new 'creation', is known as the 'beak of time' to both the Mayans and ancient Egyptians. We...the 'people of one heart'...are the 'seeds' of the 'new creation.' Let's hope that Monsanto hasn't engineered any 'trans-human seeds.'

As genuine 'human seeds', in order to store up as many vital nutrients as possible for when we sprout, high quality information is essential for growth and navigation here and now. This is the primary reason that I put so much time and energy into communicating with our network of friends.

"You can take a horse to water but you can't make him drink" goes an old American saying; if the internet as we currently know it ceases to exist, how many people will simply say, "Oh, that's a shame, isn't it?"

What follows are a few condensed but highly relevant 'geo-terrorism' updates in key areas. In the next few weeks I will have had time to put together my first 'full spectrum' update of the nu year, but for now, check this out and think of the implications. Just because we can't see ionizing radiation or microwaves doesn't mean they aren't affecting us; yet this is how we persist in behaving. We are daily witnessing and participating in the blatant murder of our planet and ourselves, as well as the unrestrained unfolding of a true 'techno-fascist' regime in which state, military, and corporate enterprises can no longer be distinguished. Many of us have already come to "love Big Brother."


* FLIR = "Free-Lance Intelligence Report"
[original name of my 'information activism' projects beginning as massive hard-copy compilations made in a copy centre in Athens, Georgia in 1987]

NOTE: For a comprehensive look at 'civilization' and its relationship to war, the revolution in weapons systems including HAARP and chem-trails, and why the current scenario is happening, please read my introductory 'geo-terrorism' posting here:

"Geo-terrorism and 'Technetronic' Warfare: The Weaponization of 'Industrial Accidents', 'Natural Disasters', and 'Environmental Engineering'" Jeff Phillips


At the personal level my partner and I seem to be oscillating back and forth between two 'realities', the REAL 'reality' of the world of nature and undisrupted Mother Earth (rare windows of time, increasingly difficult to access), and the artificial 'reality' of 'civilization' within which the mind-set and life-energies of most people are largely constrained.

It’s not a ‘black & white’ polarity by any means, and each has elements of the other; in our experience, however, not only are the two ‘domains’ becoming increasingly separate, but a curious asymmetry exists as well: we are hurting the Earth but she is still trying to nurture us. We require the Earth for our existence but she by no means requires our presence.

Almost all of us in western civilization interface regularly with screens and machines; few of us neglect our duties as consumers. On the other hand, no one that’s actually alive can ever be totally cut off from nature…even if their ‘mental operating environment’ is diametrically opposed to anything natural being of intrinsic worth much less having a right to exist (what I call the “Wasichu” world-view)...their bodies are nevertheless composed of living cells, living mitochondria, living bacteria, made of water, DNA, and materials which were originally rock and soil, the ‘body’ of the Earth. And even though the ‘trans-humanists’ are hard at their agenda for the transformation of biological life into nano-synthetic replicant technologies, they still have a long way to go before they can claim success, i.e., that they will ‘live forever.’ Would they, in fact, be ‘alive’ and exactly how long is ‘forever’?

Mother Nature, on the other hand is not doing any ‘attacking’ or ‘transforming’ of her beautiful creations into anything stupider, uglier and more dangerous than what we have already done to ourselves. She, moreover, is the target of an astronomically incomprehensible world-war we are waging against her in the name of ‘progress’ and ‘civilization’, a true jihad or ‘holy war’ in the name of money and human megalomania.

A fine line exists between this ‘curious asymmetry’ and the paradoxical contradictions plaguing the human endeavor which are indicative of a species psychosis. These essentially psychological and spiritual issues cannot be resolved from the level of ‘mentality’ that is creating them; the first steps towards ‘regaining your brain’ are those towards undisrupted wilderness.

As I look out across the lake this morning I see the top of Mt.Titiroa covered with a massive snow-fall from the night before. It’s the middle of summer here in New Zealand, and even though we are at a southerly latitude, such a snowfall is very unusual for this time of year. Then I reflect on all the ‘global warming’ insanity that reasonably intelligent people are STILL believing, pretty much everywhere really, particularly in Australia, the first nation on Earth to have enacted a ‘carbon tax’ based, yes, on the ‘global warming’ and ‘demonization of carbon’ hoax. Do people campaigning for a ‘Carbon Free’ world realize that this also means ‘free of life’ as we know her now? And people do exist who would in fact argue that, yes, ‘global warming’ can cause snow-falls in summer!

I continue to be amazed at how many leaders of highly visible ‘environmental organizations’ seem to be functioning as ‘party-line’ advocates for the ‘global warming’ agenda AND at the same time as ‘global radiation deniers.’ In reality, as we know, it’s not ‘globally warming’; logically, how can the concept of 'average temperature' possibly be valid for something as huge and diverse as a living planet? We also know that the U.S. Navy is the biggest threat to cetaceans, NOT the Japanese; HAARP can generate all the effects attributed to ‘global warming’; and, most significantly, the global radiation scenario is about to spike because the spent fuel pool at Building Four of Fukushima is disintegrating.


NOTE: The scientist in me must insist that, all things considered, the global nuclear scenario in all its manifestations is unequivocally THE most dangerous threat to life as we know her that exists on this planet, qualitatively and quantitatively, by several orders of magnitude greater than even the astronomical threats from, for example, endocrine disrupting chemicals, electromagnetic pollution, or GE/GM organisms.

Contrary to popular belief, Fukushima is NOT 'under control'; at least three molten reactor cores continue to eat their way down into the ground, nearing the subterranean water-table. Immeasureable quantities of hundreds of long-lived radio-active isotopes continue to be created from uncontrolled fissioning, released and dispersed into the sea and air. And Japanese officials are incinerating thousands of tons of radio-active debris, lofting the ash into the jet-stream.


These could be the precursor events to the massive "hydro-volcanic" explosion predicted to occur when the three molten reactor cores hit the water table. Note also that the live on-site cameras were taken off-line immediately after these quakes.

IMPORTANT: Building Four, which has been toppling and on the verge of collapse for months now, may have gone down. This would be catastrophic, as the building contains/-ed another spent fuel rod pool containing hundreds of thousands of highly radio-active rods, with extremely high plutonium content. IF this pool has spilled, the amount of radio-nuclides entering the environment would increase astronomically.

IF a 'hydro-volcanic' explosion occurs, even more HIGHLY ASTRONOMICAL QUANTITIES OF RADIO-NUCLIDES will be blown sky-high, further into the atmosphere than any of the earlier Fukushima explosions. Radiation levels throughout the northern hemisphere would increase dramatically in a short period of time.

"...burning Fukushima’s radioactive rubble is the worst possible way to deal with the problem. That’s because incinerating it releases much more radioactivity into the air, not only magnifying the contamination all over Japan but also sending it up into the jet stream. Once in the jet stream, the radioactive particles travel across the Northern Hemisphere, coming back down to earth with rain, snow, or other precipitation."

Textbook signs of acute radiation poisoning are already showing up in Alaska seal populations:

How about the people of Japan and the Fukushima that we aren't seeing? All this is just the mere BEGINNINGS of what is in store for life as we know her. Bio-spheric radiation levels for longer-lived isotopes in the Pacific ocean should more than likely be measured in new units like the 'EXA-BECQUEREL', which is 10 to the 18th power Becquerels, or 10 to the 18th particle-decays.

The fundamental task of ALL organizations reporting on radiation levels is to give the impression that they are measuring the levels and informing us, but the reality is that 1) they ALWAYS under-report the levels by factors of thousands or more, and 2) they ALWAYS conclude that THESE ARE SAFE LEVELS OF RADIATION.

The entire 'scientific edifice' of a massive bureaucratic UN organization like the IAEA is built on the delusion and/or hoax that 'safe levels of ionizing radiation' exist. I just scanned over several dozen articles from their 'library' on radiation contamination in the ocean. Almost without exception, the pattern is identical in every article: yes, they admit that some radiation is in fact there, but no, it's not at all dangerous or anything to be concerned about. It's all at SAFE LEVELS.

This is the LIE of the EPOCH...out-weighing the summation of ALL FALSE-FLAG OPERATIONS, CENTRAL BANKING, ABRAHAMIC RELIGIONS and TV NEWS put together...just ask any biologist who worked on the Manhattan Project...or the "Rachel Carson of radiation"...



NOTE FROM JEFF: Since 1945 homo sapiens, “man, the wise”, has been holding the nuclear ‘gun’ to his own head. But who does he think he’s fooling? When you take someone ‘hostage’, for example, you’re supposed to hold the gun to someone else’s head…not your own! It’s all far more insane than almost any of us dares to consider…and even more insane than the fact that all things nuclear even exist is the fact that almost all of us pretend that they aren’t even real!

Our current scenario has all the makings of a fantastic Greek tragi-comedy; the only problem is that the ‘stage’ on which it is being enacted…maybe not for the first time but perhaps for the last?...just happens to be the only planet in the known universe that harbours life as we currently know her: Mother Earth. And even if we believed we knew or had tangible evidence of other planets with life...would this somehow make what we're doing ok?

In the early years of the scenario, the only threat of ‘nuclear war’ was from American 'cow-boy imperialism'; since they were the “good guys”, it was ok for them to be the lone nuclear power. But once the ‘evil empire’ of the USSR had them (which occurred only five years later, and was part of the plan all along…a ‘playing off’ of two opposing super-powers in a shadow-government ‘chess match’ master-minded by former Nazi intelligence director Reinhard Gehlen who laid the foundation for the CIA and the National Security Council in America-to accelerate the engines of the military-industrial complex on behalf of the banking cartel) then the “Cold War” was under way, and the juggernaut of nuclear proliferation reared its mutant head and began to grow tentacles.

“Nuclear war” is nothing new and actually began with the Trinity test in 1945, and has continued unabated ever since. According to Dr. Tedd Weymann, any practice or process that spreads ionising radiation into the biosphere is in fact ‘nuclear war’ and includes the 2000+ atmospheric detonations, hundreds or thousands of under-ground and submarine detonations; the effects and side-effects of the nuclear reactor/weapons industry, with its astronomical quantities of mining tailings and high-level wastes, consisting of close to 2000 synthetic radio-nuclides not occurring in nature, many with half-lives on the order of thousands of years or more, many with 'daughter-products' equally dangerous and long-lived, and all of them posing extreme health threats to biological life. These waste products, the most deadly substances known to exist in the known universe, are sitting in rusty drums at the bottom of oceans, buried in holes, wells and trenches around the world, stored at leaky facilities on-site at every reactor that exists (maybe as many 600 in the world). Countless nuclear “accidents” have occurred as well, not all of which we know anything about; we think of Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and most recently Fukushima, not to mention those involving submarines, bombs, missiles, and satellites; but many dozens more have happened. Many of these disasters may not have been “accidental” or “natural”, in the same way that the hundreds of thousands of kilograms of DU (‘depleted uranium’, a euphemism for radioactive wastes including high-level actinides manufactured into bullets and artillery shells for use by NATO forces) were not “accidentally” deployed all over the world.

Then there's the approximately 19,000 'actual' nuclear bombs and war-heads owned by a handful of 'nuclear states'...weapons that were 'made to be used' according to the founders of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

This is the legacy of 'the peaceful atom.'

We tend to forget…or maybe never realized that…all things nuclear are weapons per se…against biological life. Companies like General Electric, for example (who had co-existing directors in America and Nazi Germany) designed and built nuclear reactors, nuclear weapons, and television, the “atomic bomb of the mind.” The connection between these twin technologies has been brilliantly documented by Joyce Nelson in her book The Perfect Machine: TV in the Nuclear Age. From its inception, television was used as a way of indoctrinating the public to accept all things nuclear as safe and clean and to 'manufacture consent' for the 'cold war.'

From the beginning as well, reactors and their spent fuel pools have been regarded as “terrorist targets.” Translation of double-speak: reactors were designed to be blown up in order to disperse radio-nuclides as efficiently as possible. Hence, their strategic locations close to major population centres and/or directly on major fault lines.

ALL of this constitutes “nuclear war”, although we tend to think of it only in terms of pyro-technic displays like Hiroshima and Nagasaki. “Nuclear war” actually began as soon as we started to dig out radium and uranium from sacred indigenous lands; it is the fulfillment of our collective karma from pretending to ‘live’ in an ‘industrial civilization’ based on raping the Earth to stand where we are now, on the very brink of an ALL-OUT nuclear war and with a less visible nuclear war long under way.

The possibility is extremely real: Iran has been targeted with ‘regime change’ ever since the “Project for a New American Century” came on-line with 9/11 and in particular with ‘technetronic architect’ Zbigniew Brzezinski back in the White House. Zbig is top visionary and "Guild navigator" for the Zionist banking over-lords who are in fact the “reptilian brain” of the New World Order; that Amerika is doing Israeli ‘dirty work’ cannot be denied.

We already know that these possibly-already-somewhat-trans-human ‘people’ are stark-raving mad by anyone’s standards; do ‘they’…a subset of “US”…really believe that ‘they’ aren’t going to be adversely affected by astronomical increases in global bio-spheric radio-nuclides, still-on-going and growing from Fukushima, and possibly to go to the next level if Iran is nuked or even "conventionally" bombed?

Remember, Iran is fully armed with state-of-the-art RUSSIAN missiles; this isn't going to be a lop-sided orgy of mass-destruction of a super-power squashing an ant. IF they retaliate in response to being attacked first…as they already are in actuality…Israel as a land could go up in a puff of smoke, and it would probably be the first target. Targets in Amerika or Europe could be hit; China would certainly get in on the action. For all we know, this being 2012 and all, an all-out nuclear war could be what precipitates the long-heralded fake "alien...invasion? To save us from ourselves?" If Jesus were to disembark the 'alien vessel'...that would solve it all, wouldn't it? I can see it now, Obama and Jesus sitting down for a cuppa.

I would have to say "Be ready for anything" in the way of real-world disaster modulated by and blended with fabricated/synthetic/simulated 'terror' and hallucination. Remember...there's a "scatology" in "eschatology." Be sure to wipe.

And/or would this qualify as Armageddon? Funny how biblical "prophecy" and "Earth changes" ALL seem to be coming true because WE ARE DOING IT OURSELVES. With the assistance of our most advanced technologies, "man, the wise" is attempting to "play God." If the 'god' he were emulating were the Great Spirit of the native Americans, for example, we would be in good shape; we'd all be gardeners, shamans, artists and musicians. Instead, however, the 'god' we are emulating seems to be the quasi-demonic vengeful and blood-thirsty tyrant-patriarch of the Abrahamic traditions whose favourite past-time is 'smiting his enemies' with absolute wrath...and, as George Carlin said, "He wants money."

Will the radiation-proof Kurzweil trans-humans be left standing on all three legs, in post-Frankensteinian glory, to inherit an irradiated Earth ‘forever’? Will this have been the “second coming”…or the collective “near death experience” we seem to be craving, but “gone live” and become our collective “real death experience”?

2012 is here…the year that “something is going to happen.” If full-on “nuclear war” does transpire, will we even know? The skies might darken as “nuclear winter” descends but, hey, a lot of people don’t even notice chem-trails…why would a gradually and permanently darkening sky matter to them? No 'news' or mass-media will even mention it, nor will any 'environmental' organizations; Robama and the "glass teat" will keep on telling us not to worry, everything is ok, consume more 'social media', go shopping and here, drink more milk because the EPA just determined that strontium-90 is a nutrient…and be sure to watch Ann Coulter for the latest in radiation health news.

Maybe ALL this “nuclear war with Iran” stuff is after all just another attention-grabbing hoax and sabre-rattling display, you know, in the tradition of Andy Kaufman; unfortunately, a large number of highly unpredictable variables are at work, not the least of which are the limits of human insanity...or lack of them.

Amerika and Israel have gradually been turning up the heat on Iran in recent months and weeks. Last week Israel apparently got the “green light” from Robama. With these guys having the same name, the missing 'third member' was of course, Osama. Who knows, we could still see him yet again!

With global radiation levels already at an all-time high from Fukushima, what better opportunity for the NWO techno-fascists to go live with ‘war games’ and test out their new array of technetronic ground, sea, air and space-based weapons systems? And in the past few days, Iran and Russia have made a huge step towards eliminating the use of the U.S. dollar as their medium of exchange with each other. THIS is quite similar to the move Japan made to eliminate their use of U.S. dollars...only days before Fukushima!

Accidents do happen, too, especially in the age of computers. Pretty much all nuclear war-fighting would necessarily be done by computers; if you ever saw films like Colossus: The Forbin Project or War Games, you can easily imagine some unpredictable outcomes, not all of which were favourable for water-based life. And remember, in 2001: A Space Odyssey, HAL the computer didn't malfunction...he had been programmed to terminate the astronauts and complete the mission alone.

All too real, however…and already released…yet undetectable to our senses…is the trans-biblical “plague” of ionising radiation brought into being and disseminated by our own actions. "Act of 'god'?" YOU be the judge.

I think the whales and dolphins may have witnessed something like this before. They have safe places to go we don’t even know about and can certainly ride out a prolonged anthropogenic “nuclear winter” without too much inconvenience, in the same way that they've probably ridden out huger cosmic catastrophes affecting the Earth. They must marvel at how "man, the wise" can expend so much time and energy to re-enact his own destruction.

Here is an historical and FANTASTIC article by Leuren Moret on the history of nuclear weapons and how control of the weapons industry has shifted from the University of California to, yes, Texas.



Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment, Drs. Nesterenko and Yablokov

The Code Killers, Ace Hoffman



"This campaign designed to prepare the American people to blame Iran for a possible upcoming nuclear terrorist attack fits the description of a Mossad false flag operation, especially because of Israel's numerous, even flagrant recent violations of American nuclear security."

"HOW MIGHT one collapse the global financial system virtually overnight? Start a war with Iran.
Iran borders the Straits of Hormuz, through which 40% of the world’s oil flows. A war with Iran would close the Straits, which is exactly what the globalist bankers want to do.

HOWEVER, if you want to crash the whole thing almost in an instant – without even giving people time to prepare – you suddenly choke the world’s oil supply. And that’s exactly the prospect we’re looking at going into 2012 with. Armageddon, anyone?"

How to Start a War: The American Use of War Pretext Incidents.

"Because public support is so crucial to the process of initiating and waging war...The creation of false excuses to justify going to war is a major first step...Perhaps the most common pretext for war is an apparently unprovoked enemy attack. Such attacks, however, are often fabricated, incited or deliberately allowed to occur. They are then exploited to arouse widespread public sympathy for the victims, demonize the attackers and build mass support for military 'retaliation.'"

“Naturally the common people don't want war...the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.” Hermann Goering

NOTE: Chossudovsky goes on to document numerous examples of this process from the 19th century to the present.

Nuclear scientist killed in Tehran car blast

"Three other Iranian scientists were killed in 2010 and 2011 when their cars blew up in similar circumstances. At least two of the scientists had also been working on nuclear activities."

NOTE: In response to this, a top Israeli military official warned Iran of more 'unnatural events.'


Unfolding as I write this is yet another vast global drama involving the continued existence of the internet as it currently exists: a digital network of astronomical complexity that remains essentially free, in spite of increasingly nefarious attempts by military-bureaucratic techno-fascists to undermine this freedom.

"Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you must now have heard of the (NDAA), National Defence Administration Act signed into law by stealth just over two weeks ago on New Years Eve...this legal ‘Obamination’ gives the U.S. government...immediate executive authority to make any person who speaks out, or opposes government policies to be declared as a ‘threat to U.S. national security’, or otherwise to be tagged as someone who abets or sympathises with terrorists, and they can then be ‘black-bagged’ by the U.S. military...and be detained indefinitely."

"The cyber war escalated to a whole new level yesterday. The U.S. government shut down the popular website MegaUpload at the behest of corporate interests...Almost immediately, the hacktivist group Anonymous retaliated by launching massive DDoS attacks on several websites including the US Copyright Office, Department of Justice,, Universal Music Group, Music Picture Association of America, and the Recording Industry Association of America. The attack called “Operation MegaUpload” is also said to be targeting"

In the same way that 'wiki-leaks' and the 'occupy movement' seemed on the surface to be 'for the people', but on closer examination appear to be providing 'justification' for "enhanced security measures" on the part of totalitarian circles, the current 'hactivism' by 'Anonymous' on the surface may seem like good old 'techno-retribution' against the evil law-makers, but in reality is just providing 'justification' for a total internet clamp-down.

Personally I'd love to believe that a secret enclave of rebellious computer nerd geniuses was behind the recent "DOS" ("denial of service") attacks on major U.S. government computer systems.

But I'm afraid the reality is closer to this: 'Anonymous' is nothing more than a cyber-Al Qaeda, i.e., a 'false-flag' front for a clandestine globalist military operation. They're probably DARPA cyber-warfare technicians. In the same way that 'bin Laden' and the '19 hijackers' pulled off 9/11 and provided 'justification' for America's declaration of the 'war on terror', 'anonymous' is giving the authorities all they need to clamp down on the net.

Interestingly, the 'DOS' cyber-threat is ALREADY being capitalized on:

(formerly Bell Telephone!)

"Carrier clouds and the business customers that they serve need protection from ever escalating Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) and other malicious attacks...It’s a fact. The frequency, sophistication and scale of malicious attacks is ever growing."

SPEAKING OF DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, founder of the internet)

"Dr. Mark Maybury, the United States Air Force Chief Scientist...seeks to develop something he has dubbed 'Social Radar' which would monitor information coming from just about every source imaginable: television, all Internet communications, radio, official reports, and more, in order to look into the hearts and minds of target populations and perhaps even predict future events."

"The center of gravity in modern warfare not only includes military targets such as tanks, ships, planes, command and control facilities, and military forces but equally important the perceptions, intentions and behaviors of citizens and leaders."


"The official who oversaw a plan for the Pentagon to run a terrorist futures-trading market is resigning under pressure, a senior Defense Department official said today."




"The weather futures markets are based upon weather information and specific weather events, such as the following: Heating Degree Days, Cooling Degree Days, Cumulative Average Temperature, Average Temperature, Frost, Snowfall, Hurricanes"

NEW ZEALAND/CHRISTCHURCH QUAKE: Clandestine Technetronic Warfare

Canterbury Earthquake Response and Recovery Act 2010

"The day before the February 22nd 'aftershock' upwards of 1000 personnel from the New Zealand Army, Navy and Air Force gathered just down the road in South Canterbury and North Otago for the largest joint forces operation held in New Zealand for 20 years."

The pernicious presence in New Zealand of Texas petroleum heavy-weight Anadarko alone should be setting off alarm bells. Anadarko is the Texas-based 'petroleum exploration' corporation whose 'research vessel' Aquila was in the Christchurch area during anomalous quake activity; similar 'research vessels' operated by Seabird are believed to have been in the vicinity of more recent anomalous weather and seismic activity in the Philippines and Sumatra.

The overall scenario in New Zealand is not only that the recent Christchurch quakes were not 'natural', but that they are part of what is actually a 'clandestine war-fighting' doctrine straight out of a Zbigniew Brzezinski book on 'geo-strategic imperatives' whose purpose in essence is to get rid of people who might be in the way of natural resources sought by the 'power elite', and in this case to transform New Zealand into a NWO stepping-stone to Antarctica.


"Ruses. A ruse is a cunning trick designed to deceive the adversary to obtain friendly advantage. It is characterized by deliberately exposing false or confusing information for collection and interpretation by the adversary.

Displays. Displays are the simulation, disguising, and/or portrayal of friendly objects, units, or capabilities in the projection of the MILDEC story"

When you consider that th
e Pentagon works for the banking cartel and the energy extraction corporations, and with the new paradigm of 'environmental warfare disguised as industrial accidents or natural disasters', no one would be better placed than Anadarko to facilitate Brzezinskian 'imperial mobilization.'


Of particular note are at least five Anadarko board members, all of whom have direct links to the technology and/or ideology of HAARP and other technetronic warfare systems of which it is but one example...technologies which can not only generate all the effects attributed to 'global warming' but can also be used to create earth-quakes and volcanic activity, as well for 'neuro-warfare' mind-control operations. To paraphrase researcher Dr. Nick Begich, the advent of 'technetronic' weapons is a leap just as profound as the transition from gun powder to atomic bombs.

1) CEO James Hackett, a director of Halliburton ("War, Inc.", ref. Dick Cheney, 9/11 mastermind & BP-Gulf) and member of Trilateral Commission (= connection to 'doc tronic' Brzezinski and Rockefeller)

NOTE: Anadarko publicly accused BP of blowing up their own well; translation: they did it. (redneck aphorism: "The smeller's the feller!")

2) Luke Corbett, director of Kerr-McGee (notorious plutonium reprocessor, owned by Anadarko now, ref. Karen Silkwood who was murdered while attempting to reveal information about radiation poisoning at Kerr-McGee)

3) Peter Geren, former Sec. of both Army and Air Force (not to be confused with Peter Garrett, former Australian Minister of the Environment and aging rock-star)

4) Paula Reynolds, director of BAE, a major defense contractor specializing in advanced weapons systems...who just happened to build the HAARP phase 2 upgrade completed in 2006.

BAE SYSTEMS Receives $35 Million For HAARP Program

5) Most interestingly, General Kevin Chilton, who was until joining Anadarko in May of 2011 the head of the U.S. SPACE COMMAND, after having been the commander of the Strategic Command (STRATCOM)...these are HUGE positions. Chilton was or still is the chief commandant of 'cyber-warfare' which is the branch of 'full spectrum dominance' targeting the internet. When you watch his interviews he comes across as a gentle, soft-spoken 'pr' rep for 'Uncle Sam the global good-guy', down-playing American 'might' and emphasizing their strictly 'defensive' posture. He does in fact have that undefined 'post-hypnotic astronaut' voice, as well...he piloted three Space Shuttle missions and was involved in many experiments, possibly involving modification of the ionosphere relating to HAARP.

The Space Command controls the entire "weapons in space" and "missile defense" dimensions, which includes ALL the "star wars" stuff that gave birth to HAARP. It's never been about 'defense.'

With these five people on the board of directors, Anadarko could more accurately be described as a military operation disguised as a corporate enterprise.

Note that not only the Aquila but also all the other 'exploration vessels' operated by Seabird have identical 'golf ball' domes on their top decks. These may house SBX phased-array antennas or similar technologies which are small versions of HAARP. Remember, "HAARP" is really just one component of a vast global system of technologies linked by super-computer.

Clear Channel (now operated by Bain Capital) is the company operating the radio transmitters which are pummeling Christchurch with excessive RF energy that has been implicated not only in major health issues but also in anomalous earth-quake effects.

Watch for a unique and powerful short documentary comiing soon from Christchurch activist Penny Hargreaves and Contrail founder Rose Paige on this scenario.

HAARP per se, along with other similar installations, local FM transmitters, and ships equipped with such technologies can all function together as an integrated 'geo-technetronic' war-fare system.

I've been in touch with Brooks Agnew lately who said, in response to my sharing the above information,

You're way beyond my knowledge of who did what and how they have proliferated the technology. I just know that ELF and ULF can be laced onto the carrier waves and directed in such a way that it could, and I use those words with caution, trigger unstable geology as a quake."


Here is a link to a History Channel doco on these topics featuring Agnew:!

NOTE: U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney is a former owner of Clear Channel; Anadarko CEO James Hackett met personally with NZ prime minister John Key in November 2012.

With these revelations about Anadarko and about Clear Channel communication, which functioned as a major propaganda army for the Bush administration...well, it's easy to see who the assassins of Christchurch actually are.

Add in the presence of several "Ministry of Geo-terrorism" luminaries in Christchurch on the day of the February quake, the presence of several U.S. congressmen in John Key's office during the quake, the fact that Anadarko received their 'permit' to begin exploration activities off the Canterbury only FOUR HOURS after the February Christchurch quake, and began their initial 'electromagnetic survey' the very next day, it's all a bit fushy!

Present in Christchurch were the following U.S. officials with direct ties to various aspects of the Brzezinskian 'war on terror'/'technetronic warfare' scenario:

Admiral Thad Allen, Coast Guard (ret.), former Deputy Director of FEMA, and "national incident commander" for both Hurricane Katrina and the BP/Gulf disaster, currently Senior Analyst for Rand Corporation and a director of Booz-Allen-Hamilton (both are high-level consultants for government and military enterprise)

NOTE: Ian Brzezinski, son of Zbig, also works for Booz-Allen-Hamilton.

Richard Armitage, former Deputy Secretary of State, was "official coordinator of America's response to 9/11; author of PNAC document "Rebuilding America's Defenses" calling for a "new Pearl Harbour" to create a revolution in military spending.

Timothy Manning, Deputy Director of FEMA, a 'homeland security' army who shows up at disasters before they happen; they predicted Hurricane Katrina and Fukushima, as well as a catastrophic earth-quake for the San Francisco area. This one hasn't materialized yet.

Kurt Campbell, Assistant Secretary of State for Pacific and East Asian Affairs, was in Japan only days before Fukushima meeting with high-level financial people; believed to be a 'Rockefeller emissary.'

NOTE: All four of these people have military backgrounds, and Armitage, Manning and Campbell have Navy backgrounds; the Navy is the prime operator of HAARP.

With recent revelations about New Zealand's vast untapped hydrocarbon resources available within their EEZ..."economic exclusion zone", the fourth largest in the world...and comparisons to Iran, "the North Sea of the southern hemisphere" and the "Texas of the south" can be heard...unleashed by the Key administration's eagerness to make Aotearoa a 'more attractive destination' for trans-national energy corporations...the following list of companies participating in a recent "NZ Energy Strategy" conference in Wellington might complete the roster of the parties directly responsible for the on-going Christchurch earth-quake scenario, which can truly be called "New Zealand's 9/11."

Those who attended the strategy session include big-player Chevron, owner of the Caltex retail chain in New Zealand, ENI from Italy and US outfit Conoco-Philips alongside Anadarko Petroleum, which has deep-water permits in both the Taranaki and Canterbury Basins, Murphy Oil Corporation and Apache Corporation, China's National Offshore Oil Corp, Korea Gas (KoGas) and the Norwegian state oil company Statol.


The Aquila and others in the Seabird flotilla all have identical 'golf ball' domes on their upper deck. We can't be sure what's in there...probably not a hippopotamus and not likely to be hydro-ponic gardens...but it's almost 100% certain that high-tech antennas of some kind are in there, possibly even miniature versions of HAARP.

A little research into 'seismic data acquisition' systems tells me that the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI, basically a subsidiary of the U.S. Navy; their top 'radiation' scientist Ken Buessler just completed a survey of the Pacific ocean and concluded that, yes, there's radiation there but no, there's nothing to worry about because the LEVELS ARE SAFE) is a world leader in these technologies.

A typical system consisting of a towed array of transducers, air- or water-guns operates over a frequency range of 20 to 10,000 Hz and may reach effective peak power levels of 30,000 watts per second, or 30 Kilo-joules.

This is a tremendous amount of power, especially considering that mechanical vibrations travel faster and more intensely in water than in air. And note that Brooks Agnew was using his 'ground probing radar' to discover petroleum deposits at levels of only 30 to 50 watts. Why all this excessive power?

Extreme power levels far beyond what is required to do the job could prove to be a common element in the occurrence of artificially-induced seismic activity using FM transmitters and ship-based 'data acquisition systems.' Note the the New Zealand representative of Anadarko, a Mr. Seay, related that at any given time, more than one hundred 'research vessels' like the Aquila would be in action around the world.

These towed underwater arrays are VERY SIMILAR if not IDENTICAL to the notorious LFA-sonar the U.S. Navy uses that explodes the inner ears of cetaceans, within 'a kill zone the size of Texas.'



As I pointed out, with Anadarko's OBVIOUS connection to the shadow-government's eco-warfare-disguised-as-corporate-enterprise paradigm, we've GOT to realize that there is a very strong likelihood that what we are thinking of as mere 'side effects' of resource exploration are not actually 'side-effects' at all but part of the intended war-on-biological-life that the MIC is really all about...the oil-spills, anomalous quakes, and cetacean-strandings may not be accidents but intended outcomes as the result of a full-spectrum war-'fighting' doctrine in action.

Another extremely important dimension of the RF energies about from all these sources, e.g., Anadarko/Seabird boats, Clear Channel 'communication' transmitters, etc is that they are saturating the local atmosphere with frequencies which are designed to interact synergistically with the nano-chemo-GMO particulates from chem-trails...the positive ionization created by the RF and the metallic salts activates these substances to facilitate the transformation of the biosphere into a necrosphere and what's left of 'humanity' into quasi-synthetic android-zombie mutants who think Ray Kurzweil is the cyber-messiah. Get your new iBrain now..that way you can check Facebook without lifting a finger! Yikes...unfortunately, what I'm sayiing is NOT a joke.





ROSE AND EVERYONE...Jeff here again. All this stuff with the whales and dolphins is REALLY SICK. The cetaceans are the highest beings on this planet and "man, the wise" regards them as "beautiful animals" which, when it comes down to it, are pleasant to watch but ultimately are expendable when 'resources to fill human needs' come into play. We view each other this way, why not the whales? BUT humans fail to grasp that when we endanger the cetaceans, we are wreaking MASSIVE KARMIC DAMAGE on me, even more than when we endanger each other.

I'm going to be posting a lot more in-depth information on all this soon, as well as a new 'beyond film' we are working on, on who the cetaceans are as fellow beings...but for now, it's EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for us to realize that the 'save the whales' enterprises sound good on paper or on tv...BUT when it comes down to the reality of the situation, these people and organizations are functioning more as a DISTRACTION from the real issues rather than actually helping in a significant way.

To wit: Capt. Paul Watson/Sea Shepherd and Louis Psihoyos/Ocean Preservation Society, producer of The Cove: both target and demonize "clearly evil Japanese" who are conducting "scientific = culinary whaling" or "dolphin slaughter"...which IS of course barbaric.

BUT the reality is that, as 'evil' as these practices are, even if unimpeded by 'save the whale' organizations, only a few thousand cetaceans are harmed. This is of course not acceptable BUT the reality is that these same people/organizations TOTALLY FAIL TO EVER MENTION EVER the astronomically greater threats to ALL CETACEANS from military-industrial activities like off-shore seismic exploration and the U.S. Navy's LFA-sonar...both of which are forms of acoustic warfare, especially given the increased energy of sound transfer in marine environments; nor do any of them EVER MENTION the threats from network of 'technetronic' weapons systems using R(adio) F(requency E(lectro) M(agnetic)R(adiation) transmitted from numerous sites on land, sea and space; NOR do these "save the whale" people mention the unprecedented radio-logical contamination of the global marine environment, specifically from the ASTRONOMICAL QUANTITIES OF RADIO-NUCLIDES FROM FUKUSHIMA that are poisoning the oceans around the world.

The U.S. Navy and American-based corporations and banks in general who run the military Anadarko...and who are behind the 'technetronic warfare' scenario...HAARP and chem-trails...constitute threats to cetaceans the world over, threats that are literally MILLIONS OF TIMES greater than anything that Japanese whalers and fishermen are doing.

Yet Watson and Psihoyos NEVER MENTION any of this. Why? Because, wittingly or unwittingly, they are part of it themselves. They may not be 'conspirators' but they may have internalized unquestioned beliefs which allow them to support the 'wars' on 'global warming' and 'terror', and "all things American" as gospel, like nuclear power. They both say as much.

Plus, Watson is an officer in the Coast Guard, just like Admiral Thad Allen who was in Christchurch for the Feb. quake, and SS claims to be operating under the UN World Charter for Nature "which allows private organisations to interfere in government-like ways in the interest of the environment"; Watson even goes so far as to condone a "radical reduction in the human population" and actually rejoiced when the Fukushima quake-tsunami wiped out entire coastal communities and released vast clouds of radiation. Watson has publicly proclaimed his disdain for 'truth' and even ordered one of Sea Shepherd's boats to be sunk on purpose...the Ady Gil...because it would be "great publicity." Ady Gil skipper Pete Bethune testified that this was in fact the case in New Zealand maritime court. Watson rationalizes such behaviour clearly and in his own words, which I will document at length in my up-coming Geo-Terrorism update.

"Bethune now says he was directed by Sea Shepherd admiral Paul Watson to deliberately sink the Ady Gil after it was hit by the Japanese ship. 'It was done for PR purposes and after the sinking I wasn't allowed to talk to anyone about it and I wasn't even allowed to visit Ady Gil,' he says."

'Whale Whores at War, but Who Cares about the Whales?" Jeff Phillips

"'Bad Actors': Sea Shepherd, Animal Planet, 'Sea-lebrities' & Endocrine Disruptors" Jeff Phillips

Psihoyos was a photographer for National Geographic for many years, an extremely right-wing glossy NWO publication (close ties to Council on Foreign Relations) supporting the 'war on terror.' NG also runs those ludicrous "100% CLEAN AND GREEN NZ" spreads. Psihoyos, whose 'cv' may as wall say "Marketing nature for the New World Order," worked with special effects people from Lucasfilms Industrial Light and Magic in order to render his original documentary version of The Cove more highly marketable.

Watson and SS's overall modi operandi since Whale Wars started on Animal Planet smacks very much of CIA-influenced 'public relations' staged-reality crap (Watson himself accused Greenpeace of being taken over by the CIA), just as does The Cove with all the staged 'reality' tricks and "evil Japanese" who seem to be so cooperative on-camera. Think about it. Discovery Communications hosts Animal Planet; they also host The Military Channel.

Have Watson and Psihoyos stopped the Japanese from doing these 'evil deeds'? NO. Have they both capitalized immensely from their 'save the whales/dolphins' activities? YES. And as long as they are all making money from it, these 'evil deeds' are not likely to stop. Money more than whales is the common ground of the 'evil Japanese' and the 'good guy' Yankee pseudo-environmental capitalists.

From 'The Cove' web-site: 'Carbon-trading' for Whales

WE HAVE TO STOP SUPPORTING THESE WHALE-PROFITEERS AND WAKE UP TO THE REAL ISSUES HERE...many of which are the same major issues affecting us.

The whales are closer to being "real people" than most of us can still claim to be...and they've been around for 30 million years, long enough to witness repeated episodes of "man, the wise" under-going self-inflicted re-enactment of cosmic catastrophe.

Will homo sapiens finally succeed in taking itself out of the equation of life on Earth?

Every thought we think, every action we do or don't do, matters now. Remember…WE are the soldiers in World War 3. What we SAY doesn’t matter…it’s how we ‘live’, what we DO and DON’T DO that actually forms the nature of our relationship with Mother Earth.

This is the work before us: how to inspire people to care about what is happening around us and within us, how to motivate people to understand that they DO matter, that what they do and don’t do DOES matter in the grand scheme, how to get people to use the best knowledge we already have and to MAKE CHANGES in how we live that reflect a true love of life and the Earth, not just talking about it.

TALK IS FOR DICTATORS: Act Now to Create a World You Love.


New Zealand is a 'battle ground' of global importance right now: Aotearoa is experiencing the latest in full-spectrum imperial mobilization and 'friendly take-over' operations since the Christchurch quakes have enabled a '9-11' type response on the parts of government and industry.

Transnational mining and energy extraction entities are salivating over her previously untapped 'resources' which have suddenly been made available, thanks to the Key administration. An intensive 'green-washing' public relations campaign will ensue in which the powers that be will do their best to persuade everyone in New Zealand that mining...using new 'eco-friendly environmental mining techniques' a good thing, that off-shore drilling is a good thing, that using 30% of south island rivers for dairy irrigation is a good thing, that even more tons per year of 1080 deployment is a good thing.

See, New Zealand is 100% CLEAN AND GREEN, just like those glossy spreads in National Geographic tell us! The money from mining and oil drilling can pay for THOUSANDS of National Geographic ad-verts, to make sure that no one loses track of this very convenient 'truth'.

'Global warming' is the problem...not mining, not oil-drilling, not radiation from Fukushima! Follow the lead of Australia...and look at how they're benefiting from mining! SHUT UP AND PAY YOUR CARBON TAX.

I personally have witnessed a massive transformation of New Zealand over the past decade, and it's quite scary. Many kiwis think that Lord of the Rings put Aotearoa on the map as it were; the explosion of fracking, mining and oil drilling is guaranteed to take New Zealand OFF the map as a global tourism destination, in spite of National Geographic. Case in point: look at what is happening with Broome, Western Australia...formerly a remote and tranquil highly-rated tourist destination now being transformed into yet another derelict 'mining town' like so many others in Australia because of the new 'gas hub' being humpback whale birthing James Price Point. Broome is an analog of what is happening to New Zealand on a much vaster scale. Do the people of New Zealand REALLY WANT thousands of drilling platforms polluting their EEZ and coastal waters and endangering the marine life they claim to love? Once they're built, they will be MUCH harder to get rid of.

"Broome: Dubai Down Under"

"The far north-west of Australia is a sparsely populated oasis where ancient Aboriginal beliefs still prevail. The trouble is, there's gas there – and developers who want to turn it into a new Emirate."

"Thyroid Cancer, Fracking and Nuclear Power"

Fracking a ‘Dirty Bomb’

"Radiation isn’t released into the environment only via nuclear plants and bombs. Geologist Tracy Bank found that fracking mobilizes rock-bound uranium, posing a further radiation risk to our groundwater...Because of some 65 hazardous chemicals used in fracking operations, former industry insider, James Northrup, calls it a “dirty bomb.”

'The volume of fluid in a hydrofrack can exceed three million gallons, or almost 24 million pounds of fluid, about the same weight as 7,500 automobiles. The fracking fluid contains chemicals that would be illegal to use in warfare under the rules of the Geneva Convention.
' "


The Government is 'very conscious' of environmental obligations, says Energy and Resources Minister Phil Heatley. Photo / NZPA

The Government is 'very conscious' of environmental obligations, says Energy and Resources Minister Phil Heatley. Photo / NZPA

Stay tuned…a lot is coming at us fast right now. I’ll close with an excerpt from the introduction to an old 70’s sci-fi series, The Invaders:

“The Invaders, alien beings from a dying planet. Their destination: the Earth. Their purpose: to make it their world. David Vincent has seen them. For him, it began one lost night on a lonely country road, looking for a shortcut that he never found. It began with a closed deserted diner, and a man too long without sleep to continue his journey. It began with the landing of a craft from another galaxy. Now David Vincent knows that the Invaders are here, that they have taken human form. Somehow he must convince a disbelieving world that the nightmare has already begun.”

Substitute “Wasichu mentality” for “The Invaders” and “people of one heart” for “David Vincent.” Somehow WE must convince a disbelieving world that the nightmare has already begun and that OUR 'mental operating environment' IS 'the invader.'


23 JANUARY 2012

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