"The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society
dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values.
..this elite would not hesitate to achieve its political ends by using the latest modern techniques for influencing public behavior...Persisting social crisis, the emergence of a charismatic personality, and the exploitation of mass media to obtain public confidence would be the stepping-stones in the piecemeal transformation of the United States into a highly controlled society...
In addition, it may be possible—and tempting—to exploit for strategic political purposes the fruits of research on the brain and on human behavior"


Monday, July 23, 2012


 DR. ROSALIE BERTELL (1929-2012)

NOTE FROM JEFF:  This update contains ESSENTIAL information relating to the 'new generation' of high-tech weapons systems whose effects and 'signatures' can be seen all over the world today, from anomalous and destructive 'weather warfare' (described as 'climate change' from 'global warming'); frequent and unusual earth-quakes, volcanic, and tectonic activity; massive 'die-offs' of many species of animals and anomalous strandings of marine mammals; bizarre mental and neuro-physiological syndromes in people, characteristic of micro-wave effects;  unusual 'synchronicities' between high-energy solar emanations (flares,  CME's, or 'coronal mass-ejections'), 'extreme weather' patterns, and on-going deployment and experimentation with a rapidly growing array of micro-wave based 'ionospheric heating' technologies.  The work of the late Dr. Rosalie Bertell, the very 'early' Dr. Claudia von Werlhof, and the prolific and inimitable Leuren Moret is of UTMOST importance in terms of understanding what is really happening in the world of today, with humanity and the Earth.  That the recently-revised and released German edition of Bertell's awesome book Planet Earth:  Latest Weapon of War (2000) was essentially saboutaged by the 'publisher' testifies not only to the significance of this information but also to the nefarious treachery of the 'powers that be' who prefer that the public remain in stark ignorance of these not-so-secret and not-so-sci-fi weapons systems that are forever altering not only the biosphere of Mothership Earth but the lives of each and every one of us.  

Note the plan to dump iron filings into the ocean:  the REAL purpose of this could be to increase the electrical conductivity of the ocean in the same way that one of if not THE primary purpose of chem-trails is to enhance the electrical conductivity of the atmosphere.


This event is definitely something to pay attention to:  many of the world's top reality-researchers on HAARP/chem-trails/geo-engineering/de-population agenda will be presenting.  The conference will be accessible on-line as well.




"Scientists propose dumping iron into ocean to 'stop global warming'"

Who is Rosalie Bertell?

Dr. Rosalie Bertell was born in 1929 in the United States. She earned a Doctorate in Biometry at the Catholic University of America, Washington DC, in 1966. She holds nine honorary doctor’s degrees and has been awarded numerous prizes, among them the Right Livelihood Award (1986); she co-founded multiple organizations including the “International Institute of Concern for Public Health” (IICPH) in Toronto, Canada (1984) and the “International Physicians for Humanitarian Medicine” in Geneva, Switzerland (1999). She has worked as an appraiser for the UN and is a member of the Roman Catholic congregation “Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart” in Pennsylvania, USA.
She is concerned about human health, the environment and the planet respectively, about warning of the dangers faced: Her very first book deals with nuclear dangers: No Immediate Danger? Prognosis for a Radioactive Earth, London 1985, published in German by Goldmann 1987 with a prologue by Petra Kelley. She was awarded the Right Livelihood Award for this publication in the year of the MCA in Chernobyl. Due to the 50-300 or even more times (!) greater ultimate MCA in Fukushima (topic of the 6th Information Letter) this is now more relevant than ever. 

Quote: "If the public were to discover the real health costs of nuclear contamination, a cry would arise from every part of the world and the people would refuse to continue to passively contribute with their own death!“ (In: Rosalie Bertell: No Immediate Danger?)
Today she states: “What is planned now are climate and weather wars, wars in which earthquakes and volcanoes, floods and droughts, hurricanes and monsoon rains will play a role“. (In: Prologue to the German edition of Planet Earth. The Latest Weapon of War – Kriegswaffe Planet Erde)
Rosalie Bertell is an ethicist of the same magnitude as before her Rachel Carson with her book Silent Spring in the 1950ies, who was the first to create awareness about the spreading chemical contamination in nature and its ramifications in regard to a steadily growing cancer rate. Bertell too is concerned about life and the conditions of life on earth. Suffering from the dangers and destruction they face, she wants to deliver a wake-up call for people to become active from below and to fight back everywhere. Her hope is that a peaceful, cooperative and wiser world will emerge.
The earth is still a wonderful planet, so she believes at the end of her book, as she calls upon us all to respect it, to love it and to save it!
And so R. Bertell is an eco-feminist and a pacifist in the best sense of the word, who stands for respect of the rights of mother earth as a cosmic being and of all beings upon, beneath, and above her, she argues for the abolition of the military and of war, for the end of patriarchy as the attempt to dominate all life and meanwhile the earth itself, and as she says, for the end of capitalism as the raving and reckless looting of the whole planet, for the peaceful resolution of conflicts through international courts, and among others for the necessary founding of an environmental court that will preserve the interests of the earth and its safety and integrity, as well as rule over compensation for inflicted damage. Rosalie Bertell is a sensible thinker, crystal clear and keen; she has a sixth sense for the uncovering of hidden information, she is committed and tremendously courageous, above all she never gives up even though she has been threatened in the past.
She stands backed by her congregation and has therefore not been dependent on funding by individuals or institutions.

This book discusses the history of an ongoing destruction of our planet, caused by natural science, corporate capital, and the military. Since World War II the development and employment of new military technologies in the East and the West have been the basis of this destruction. The book presents us with a unique historical documentation which reads like a breathtaking thriller. Its scope ranges from chemical, biological, and nuclear technological development and warfare to the post nuclear, not only threatening to wipe out all life on earth through this catastrophic technology, but also threatening to destroy the planet itself. The essence of this thriller lies precisely in this escalation. For, it is literally this planetary dimension which, connected to warfare that has probably been taking action for a long time already, is completely new and unimagined.
The beginning of this development is marked by putting substances to use in industrial agriculture and the medical field (e.g. chlorine) – such as herbicides, pesticides, detergents, or anesthetics - which had been used during both world wars.
The story continues from there with rocket technology and the atmospheric, surface, and underground nuclear and hydrogen bomb tests that have been ongoing since the end of World War II. There have been 2,300 tests between 1945 and 1998, beginning with Hiroshima/Nagasaki up to the many tests in the western parts of the United States, in Central Asia and the South Pacific; about half of them instigated by the US. These tests mark the beginning of a systemic radioactive contamination of the earth and the application of nuclear processes to food and for medical purposes. This way, the first damages to the ozone layer and all other layers of the atmosphere were caused particularly to the Van Allen radiation belt which determines the earth’s magnetic field.
Due to a lack of knowledge about the functions of the upper air layers in regard to the preservation of the earth’s life support systems, as Rosalie Bertell calls them, there was complete ignorance about the effects (exo-)atmospheric nuclear testing could possibly cause. Nature’s reaction to an attack on it’s very self would just have to be seen.  Incidentally this approach coincides with the usual methods of modern science and its scientific approach rooted in the torture chambers of the inquisition!
The damages to this sensitive mantle of the air, however, are unaccounted for until today and it remains unclear, if they will ever vanish again. In this vein we may never grasp the meaning of the earth’s "life systems" of which the electromagnetic field is a part, or understand the changes it has undergone.
In addition, experiments with the weather began to take place reaching a first climax during the Vietnam War – starting with experiments on an artificially prolonged monsoon season, artificially intensified severe weather episodes, the use of lethal chemicals such as Monsanto’s Agent Orange which was dispersed like Chemtrails, up to the attempt of creating a hole in the ozone layer with the objective of triggering a collapse of Vietnamese agriculture through the induction of unfiltered cosmic radiation consisting of gamma rays, x rays, infrared rays, UV rays, or certain other microwaves from which intact layers of the air protect the earth…
Meanwhile the hole in the ozone layer above Antarctica and the one that has formed recently and for the first time over the Arctic Zone, probably due to radioactivity from Fukushima,(s. 6. Information Letter) allow numerous types of radiation, including the most harmful, to penetrate the atmosphere; beyond that, this radiation is being produced intentionally for medical and electronic use down here. 
Further, the strategy around rockets and space travel, including supersonic flight, space stations, satellites, and the SDI "Star Wars“ program, centers around projects designed to obtain military control of the Earth from space. For this reason thermonuclear bombs have circled above our heads to ensure swifter bombarding of targets on earth, and we have been endangered by plutonium that has been used to fuel rockets like the Cassini during its mission to Saturn in 1997, a potential for widespread and lethal contamination in the event of an accident.
Finally experiments with EM (electromagnetic) waves and the heating up of the upper layers of the atmosphere, called ionosphere from an altitude of 80 km on, began in die 1960ies and 1970ies by influencing this electromagnetically charged layer through the use of “ionospheric heaters”. According to R. Bertell, the Arctic region has been subjected to a deliberate thawing process through the utilization of EM-ELF (extreme low frequency) waves, action that seems to have been agreed upon by the former Soviet Union and the United States in Vladivostok 1974 (s. Ponte 1976, McDonald 1968).
This is, as a matter of fact, a kind of borderline science, since much of this knowledge remains outside of the scientific discourse familiar to us! Practically nobody is aware of this even though 38 years have passed. Scientists, researchers, the population, and figuratively speaking, even the polar bears are made to believe the story that CO2 emissions by the civilian industry are the cause for the swift thawing of the Arctic region and therefore are proof of climate change through CO2!
Meanwhile Exxon Mobile and its Russian colleagues have begun to stake out areas of the Arctic region in their quest for oil…
In between there has been a continuation of "official“ wars in which, however, new unofficial weapons were put to use, such as laser guided weapons and especially DU (depleted uranium) ammunition, produced from de-riched Uranium 238 which originates in nuclear plants. This has been the case in the Balkans, during the Gulf War with Iraq/Kuwait, and everywhere else since - in Afghanistan, Iraq, and most recently in Libya (s. Arbeiterfotographie 2011).
As a result radioactive contamination in these areas and for those living in these regions temporarily or permanently has increased drastically (Gulf War Syndrome, s. Prof. Siegwart Günther, Prof. Edmund Lengfelder, 3rd and 4th Information letter). Research by the geophysicist Leuren Moret has provided evidence of a significant decline in birthrates; a rebound cannot be expected (Moret 2011c, d). In other words, as opposed to the theory of the „Population Bomb“, radiation has actually already led to a real decline in population! Fukushima’s contribution to this development (Moret 2011 a,b; Kaku 2011, 6th Inf. Letter) is still completely unforeseeable… 
And then, after the many smaller facilities geared towards manipulating the layers of the atmosphere with EM waves such as Poker Flats/Alaska, Plattville/Colorado, and HIPAS/Alaska were installed, the larger ones emerged, as seen in Arecibo/Puerto Rico, Tromsö in Northern Norway, as well as large scale plans in the Soviet Union – “Woodpecker”, and since the early 1990ies the HAARP antenna farms with hundreds of radar towers. They are meanwhile accompanied by facilities in the Netherlands and Sweden, Israel, Australia, China, and other countries, as well as by mobile x-band radar as swimming supports, capable of ranging beyond the horizon (s. image at the end of the article). About two dozens of these facilities are estimated to be globally operational. A bombardment or heating up of the ionosphere can occur simultaneously, separately, or in opposition to each other, either for experimental purposes or as a planned attack (cf. Super DARNS in Bertell, s. the part about Fukushima, 6. Information-Letter).
For this to work, the charged air of the ionosphere, the plasma with its unique aggregate phase which is beyond a solid, fluid, or gaseous state, is heated up causing it to densify and to bulge, therefore creating a mirror like reflector from which rays of energy can be bounced off at any desired angle and redirected back to a corresponding point on or under the earth’s surface. From there the great destruction emanates, this is especially potent in unleashing or amplifying latent or beginning motion. Processes utilizing ELF waves are capable of penetrating and cutting through the interior of the earth and of causing disturbances at its very core ("Deep Earth Penetrating Tomography“).
The probably largest ionospheric heater, HAARP in Alaska, is able to set 1, 8 GIGA watts – billions of watts - in motion! Our consultant, the physicist Konrad Dörr, believes that whoever is working with such forces is probably up to no good!
The types of technology existing to destroy the environment have been pointed out by geophysicist and presidential consultant Gordon MacDonald in his article "How to Wreck the Environment“ published in the book Unless Peace Comes in 1968. That was 44 years ago! (McDonald 1968, see below)
At least the prominent journal The Guardian, London, has reported about the topic recently (4.4.2012) in an article titled: "At war over geo engineering“. The articles reads: "…Few in the civil sector fully understand that geo-engineering is primarily a military science and has nothing to do with either cooling the planet or lowering carbon … While seemingly fantastical, weather has been weaponized. At least four countries – the US, Russia, China and Israel – possess the technology and organization to regularly alter weather and geologic events for various military and black operations… Indeed, warfare now includes the technological ability to induce, enhance or direct cyclonic events, earthquakes, draught and flooding, including the use of polymerized aerosol viral agents and radioactive particulates carried through global weather systems”. The role of a gradual warming of the Polar Regions for resource extraction is mentioned in the article as well.
This article entirely validates the statements of Prof. Gordon MacDonald, former deputy director of the Institute for Geophysics and Physics at the University of California and member of the president’s science advisory committee under president Lyndon B. Johnson, made in 1968. As the globally renowned scientist writes in Nigel Calder’s book Unless Peace Comes: A Scientific Forecast of New Weapons. On geophysical warfare in the chapter "How to Wreck the Environment" he describes how the energy fields of the earth can be used to manipulate the weather resulting in a melting of the polar caps, the destruction of the ozone layer, and the triggering of earthquakes. Prof. Gordon MacDonald therefore established in the 1960ies that these weapons were actually in production and that the whole process would practically go unnoticed by their victims if potentially utilized (in:
In fact, there was talk in the US as early as 1958 that "Climate control is coming!“ (Newsweek 1958): Edward Teller, father of the hydrogen bomb, was at the very front regarding the discussion of possible warfare through the manipulation of weather.
The UN ENMOD convention of 1976/77 – 35 years ago – describes these abominations and prohibits the military or any other hostile use of these manipulations which are heard of on a daily basis today: earthquakes, tsunamis, droughts, and floods, change of weather patterns throughout entire regions, ocean currents and storms…
In 1997 the former US secretary of defense, William Cohen, voiced his concerns about the possibility of precisely these types of weapons being put to use by terrorists.
The EU parliament conducted a hearing in 1999 in the matter of HAARP; the hearing remained without consequences, despite all the warnings. Nevertheless, it was admitted that the EU commission has no influence whatsoever on military affairs! HAARP communications, however, state that ionospheric heaters are designated purely for research purposes and are by no means to be considered as a weapon system. Thus, they would most definitely be in the scope of EU influence! But, there is not much talk either about the European ionospheric heaters such as EISKAT in Tromsö, northern Norway. Peaceful or not, this facility is operated by the German Max Planck institute…
All this leads to further escalation in the Bertell thriller! As the central thesis of the book uncovers, the earth has now been transformed into a weapon of war pointed against us and at itself in a perverse manner! The meaning behind all this: a recognition of the existence of means and possibilities of warfare that don’t only pose a threat to all life on earth through utilization of the earth’s own forces against us and itself, but beyond that the existence of a capacity capable of destroying the whole planet as such! In this way, the earth is forced to kill its own beings and then possibly coerced into suicide!
If these technologies are put to use in an enhanced form, if the increase of rhythmically pulsed EM waves and the effect of their resonance becomes practically unlimited (Tesla’s "Magnifying Tranmitter“ and „controlled earthquakes“) the earth could possibly even be torn apart, plunge into the sun, or in last consequence, be hurled out into space! Scalar EM effects of resonance originating from the earth and penetrating space could be instantly reflected, resulting in the earth’s destruction through the sun – particularly the year 2012 is supposedly one with a lot of solar activity (Morpheus 2010) – or the dynamic balance between the earth and the moon, sharing the same magnetic field, could fall apart… Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), the most innovative mind in regard to the work with EM waves, predicted and warned of all these scenarios as a theoretical possibility at the beginning of the last century already. It would be great, if he were mistaken!
Therefore research is required, especially from the perspective of civilian society!
The further development of EM weapons in dimensions of longitudinal scalar waves as first developed in the Soviet Union, has found particular focus in the work of former member of the US Army, Tom Bearden, a scientist and student of Tesla´s who has been quoted by R. Bertell. This chapter of weapons technology appears to be even more mysterious than that of other (transversal) EM waves. Considering that in the so called vacuum or hyperspace - the ether (according to Tesla), the terrestrial spatial position of these scalar waves reaches beyond a three dimensional terrestrial space and its conditions, acting independently of each other under at least four dimensional conditions, military application of these processes would be and actually is the greatest imminent threat.
Besides the effects triggered on a macro level, effects that are no less eerie can be caused by EM waves on the micro level as well: we are talking about the interference with our brains through the use of ELF waves that correspond to the pulse of the earth and the brain. These methods have apparently been developed predominantly by the Soviets and could be applied to larger populations, according to Bearden. True to the motto: Electronic pulses can reach anywhere due to the fact that matter itself oscillates (s. a. Nick Begich/ Jean Manning 1996).
There can’t possibly be anything worse, more criminal, or insane than this!

So, are we supposed to sit back and wait until more of it is developed and put to use?

b) Through R. Bertell we are now finding out that we, the public, humans, and citizens have been vulnerable to this increasing threat since ca. 60 years without being made aware of this, let alone having been asked for our approval, even though these developments are life endangering for us and the planet and have eroded conditions of life globally. Actually, if these threats are not brought to a halt, our living conditions and the earth itself could be destroyed within a brief period of time.
Considering R. Bertell’s quotes:

"The military is always 50 years ahead“. 


"The military never uses the same weapons in a new war that have been used in an old one”.
We, as the allegedly responsible citizens

1. although embarrassing, must now come to grips with the fact that we have not been aware of everything that has been going on in this field, and
2. need to realize that since the end of the Cold War we have allowed ourselves to be made to believe in the end of wars, or at least in the end of large scale wars or the absence of the threat through another world war, nuclear wars, let alone environmental wars, wars due to natural disasters, energy weapons, and eco terror, unthinkable that the earth’s own forces could be put to use against us and the earth itself…!
3. How do we differentiate between friend and foe, civilians and the military, conquerors and the conquered? Why has this evidently become irrelevant for the combatants? What kind of a war is this? What is the point in all this?
In respect to social movements, R. Bertell states:
- A peace movement exists that has not recognized that modern war is directed at the environment.
- On the grounds of a continuously more obvious destruction of the environment an ecological movement exists that has not realized the problems that have particularly been caused by the military.
- And, there has been no realization within the anti nuclear movement about the post nuclear development of weapons of mass destruction within the military that basically supersede the necessity of nuclear wars.
- Right now a trend toward the creation of "environmental justice movements“ is observable. 

These movements that intend to promote geo-engineering within the fields of science, politics, and the private industry through fighting “climate warming”, are predominately comprised of geo engineers. They claim to be in the position to fight climate warming without actually confronting the causes! (s. Hamilton in Bertell). The blame for climate warming is laid on the doorstep of civilian CO2 emissions, a position that is being taken only since 1997 (Kyoto protocol). According to Bertell, not a single climate conference ever mentioned CO2 before that!
However, the movement of geo-engineers doesn’t focus on the reduction CO2 emissions at all; on the contrary, it is assumed that there is no chance of politically enforcing any considerable norms in this regard anyway. Therefore, the "movement“ targets the alleged symptoms and the earth itself while drawing on considerable funding and technical resources
Under the premises of the CO2 thesis these geo-engineers tamper with nothing less than the planetary dimension of the earth’s elements: with the oceans (“ocean fertilization”), the layers of the air (aerosols, “Solar Radiation Management“, chemtrails), and the ground (deforestation, action in regard to more "albedo“), to screen the earth against solar heat and/or for more effective CO2 absorption and to eliminate the necessity of reduction.
Although the dangers resulting from CO2 are supposedly threatening, this approach negates the need to further deal with the issue!
Such a process, once initiated in an engineering context would need to be sustained indefinitely in order to maintain the climate and not risk immediate overheating of the planet under the sweltering heat of a sun allowed to shine in blue skies.
What kind of a deal are we facing here in regard to the planet and its transformation into a high security prison!?
As a matter of fact, a warming of the earth is indeed taking place; however, this is not happening in the troposphere where CO2 actually accumulates, but rather in the higher layers of the stratosphere in which HAARP and similar facilities are active! (Phillips 2011)
So, global warming is not a result of CO2 emissions after all!
Apart from R. Bertell (the ETC group, s. 3rd information letter, and lately The Guardian) hardly anyone has noticed that the environmental crisis in the guise of the so called climate crisis, as well as the alleged solutions for this crisis, namely geo engineering, both originate from the same military laboratories.
That means replacing one evil with another!  Ironically, as in Clive Hamilton’s contribution to Bertell’s publication: The military itself does not assume the existence of any kind of climate crisis!
Would it otherwise confess to be the perpetrator itself?
Instead of figuring out how to stop military disruption and manipulation of the climate through, as Bertell states, "weather wars, plasma weapons, and geo engineering“ by, for example, turning off „ionospheric heaters“ globally, the discussion is focused on fighting the consequences of this world war – precisely by employing the same measures that have actually caused it!
The fact that it isn’t the alleged CO2 issue or even "evil nature“ opposing us, remains concealed due to the creation of deliberate confusion! On the contrary, by attacking nature itself a secret and artificial evil face of nature is created; as a result applause can be expected for those trying to solve the problems of this self created and perverse (anti-) nature.   
So, will we end up begging the actual culprits for help and regarding them as our potential saviors?
By the way, one of most generous private sponsors of geo-engineering, which poses as a civilian measure to counter the consequences of CO2 emissions while actually being a military scheme towards the planet, is the wealthiest man on earth, Bill Gates.

c) R. Bertell’s book is the beginning of an end to insults and suspicions that have been geared towards making all this sound like a conspiracy theory. Where the corresponding current developments are dragged out of the dark room of anonymity, secrecy, denial, and concealment – as Bertell has done – it won’t be possible anymore to brush the facts off as mere "conspiracy theory”! As you read Bertell’s book you will realize that this is about withheld realities, unexplained to date in their correlation or in how they have come about. You suddenly realize: these are not coincidences, and this is not some kind of horrendous and unpredictable nature harming us.
This is precisely the reason for concealing the connections between environmental crisis and military experiments and attacks. Hiding meanwhile an “unofficial” and/or possibly already raging undeclared war is necessary in order to not risk opposition from civil society, as would inevitably happen when/if reality were to become evident. McDonald, who has been quoted earlier, states:
"Such a ‘secret war’ need never be declared or even known by the affected populations. It could go on for years with only the security forces involved being aware of it.” (MacDonald, 1968).
This kind of „geo terrorism“ and as such "technetronic“ (Phillips/Brzezinski) warfare would appear in the guise of militarization or weaponization of "industrial mishaps“, "environmental disasters“, and "geo-engineering“ (Phillips 2011).
Rosalie Bertell states that the military needs us for legitimization since it is in need of civilian resources and legwork, as e.g. done through scientists, and our belief in its ability to create security in a military sense and in case of disaster! To have us assuming that it produces these disasters itself would, of course, be a bad fit!
The civilian academic field is precisely one that asserts the impossibility of this type of disaster occurring due to a deliberate manipulation of natural events! All the occurrences of the past decades, namely 10 times the number of natural disasters as compared to before 1970, and the unending cluster of most severe earthquakes globally, are nothing but simple natural disasters for this field of study.
We must not forget that "normal science“ is unable to explain these phenomena! The earth seems to have remained unchanged tectonically and seismically, and there are no reasonable explanations for the increase in volcanic activity.
And yet, it is science itself enabling the dangers discussed by Bertell. For without science the development of the relevant technologies pertaining to our topic would never have been possible.
It is a pressing matter to bring the invisible doings of a science serving the military to awareness within the sciences themselves. It can’t be that, strange as it is, civilian science continues to risk its reputation and credibility in public, disguising possible and current mega crimes that would not be possible without science in the first place! (s. the "Manhattan Project“ in the development of nuclear bombs; CERN today). 

d) We virtually learn about "dual“ sciences through Bertell, a civilian and a military science that are not only disconnected, but rather serve completely divergent scientific paradigms or general principles today: since the 16th and 17th century modern civilian science largely follows a materialistic and mechanistic paradigm, beyond that its military counterpart now follows a quantum theoretical or "electromagnetic“– if you like – a Tesla based paradigm! And this is where it gets bizarre, while Nikola Tesla is predominantly absent or categorized as a nutcase in the civilian scientific discourse, his tremendous influence on modern lifestyle, from his discovery of alternating current to wireless communication, is disregarded altogether. In realizing this we become aware of the implications and the downright criminal nature of the high jacking use of his findings during and after WWII by the Soviets and later the United States. Only the secret advancement of this research and its mechanistic use has served as a basis for the development of the entire post nuclear technology of mass destruction and disaster!
Nevertheless it is classic modern science that denies these realities pertaining to the military context, this particularly in regard to a non (purely) materialistic science. The debate is categorized as being situated on the fringes of science … But, regardless of the categorization, the non-materialistic science, used in mechanistic terms is most effective and the most dangerous of any type of science until today!
Bertell, nevertheless, within the realm of her scientific approach towards life and the imminent threat to it, has not remained limited to a materialistic and mechanistic view and in addition, the eco feminist in her has been deeply impacted by the obvious suffering of the earth. She does not view the earth as dead matter like mainstream materialistic-mechanistic science does, trying to make us believe that therefore no harm can be done. Rather, Bertell views the earth in the same ways our indigenous, also European, ancestors did: as a highly complex and friendly cosmic being.
On the other hand, I myself have developed an interdisciplinary technology critical approach which has allowed me to recognize the motives and means of unimaginable developments in connection to war technology. These developments originate from the patriarchal notion of the necessity to dominate nature in order to, lastly, transform it violently into an artificial man made machine or "second“ Nature. I call this utopian project an attempted “creation out of destruction” (Werlhof 2010, 2011). This project has been practically enforced in the modern age through technological and other so called "progress“.
And so, a different understanding of book titles like Weather Warfare – the Military´s Plan to Draft Mother Nature (Smith 2006) emerges. Nature and the planet are supposed to be reinvented!
And as (polymer) chemist M. Castle stated recently, today it is about the "strategic destruction of all natural basis“! (Castle in Altnickel 2011)
This way it can be seen that destruction is the premise and the basis everywhere for the allegedly possible construction of a new and yes, even "better“ re-Creation of everything, including the planet!
This leads us straight to the heart of perverse “black magical” practices, the actions and the wishful thinking inherent to patriarchy!
Bertell quotes an US air force laboratory report: “The goal of manipulating the ionosphere is the ´enhancement of the ionosphere itself' in terms of gaining control of it as a conductive medium and in order to shape it in a manner in which 'the desired system’s capabilities can be achieved as opposed to an acceptance of natural limitations inherent to the ionosphere' " (Bertell FN 240).
Further, climate engineers believe in the possibility of "dominating nature’s forces and subjugating mother earth to her own will“ (Hamilton in Bertell). For, as Lowell Wood, a mentee of Edward Teller, father of the hydrogen bomb and an aggressive proponent of geo-engineering discerned: It is man’s duty to dominate nature – obviously without climate change as well: "We've engineered every other environment we live in – why not the planet?” and so the debate between the most prominent geo engineers in 2009 in the United States was “incomparable with anything that human beings have ever thought about in the past“ (ibid.).
This does not sound like good news, in its hubris, for us and the earth!
So, for decades we have been witnesses to the existence of two different approaches in science that may be driven by the same motives, especially the domination of nature, her subjugation and transformation into a second, artificial, and controlled nature as well as the development of violent measures for this purpose, while in part making use of completely different paradigms:
I would like to refer to these paradigms as one programmatically unaware while the other possesses awareness. While nature is regarded as dead substance and inanimate matter in the first case, the other understands everything as being alive and in motion; however, in both cases the objective remains mechanistic subjugation and transformation. 

Cooperation with nature, at least a theoretically possible positive result of the 2nd paradigm, will not be aimed at for as long as the military is involved and unfortunately civilian science doesn’t grasp (or is kept from understanding!) the enormous possibilities that would open up for civilian science and for the rest of us!
The 2nd paradigm concerning the knowledge of an animate nature is the one proposed by Tesla et at. In correspondence with nature more can be accomplished than through a paradigm that does not correspond in any way. This poses an advantage for everyone involved, if it can be utilized for peaceful purposes: for the sake of cooperation and in fact for healing purposes! If not, however, all that has become possible through the 2nd paradigm will be all the more destructive. This is, of course, the more effective paradigm since it is capable of working collaboratively with the natural forces, e.g. natural EM waves. But, thinking with a mindset of the 1st mechanistic paradigm, what if – as is the case today – this knowledge is misused for example in an enormously violent and artificial manner by increasing natural forces in ways which would never occur naturally?
What significance does a simultaneous and obviously massive prevention of the utilization of the 2nd paradigm bear for real insight into nature and desperately required alternatives for civilian and peaceful purposes?
The answer to a double problem: It offers an explanation as to why representatives of the 1st paradigm of unawareness view the 2nd paradigm of awareness as unacceptable and on the fringes of science; further, it explains how and why it becomes possible to literally destroy the planet through the malicious employment of the 2nd paradigm. In this knowledge, Tesla thought, nobody would ever possibly put weapons to use that could be developed on the basis of this, of his paradigm and therefore all wars would come to an end! This said, his theory and the practice of a vibrant and flowing nature in motion would serve humans: for free(ing) energy, the healing of illness, and as an end to artificial scarcity. However, as we have to recognize today this kind of wisdom is most definitely not to be found with/through the world’s powerful or in science – at least in regard to positive applications of new lessons learned for human kind in general - , or might it dawn on them once it is too late anyhow!?

e) The damage to the planet.
Meanwhile, the earth, our planet, is in critical condition, according to R. Bertell; it has been weakened and could already be irreversibly damaged. The planet has become "a research victim of militarism“. Air, water, soil, animals, plants, and humans are presented like a sacrifice (Bertell Ch. 5) to the gods in the Old Testament!
R. Bertell illustrates how the military causes the greatest environmental damages, usurps most of the resources, and wastes away living conditions on earth by compromising it ruthlessly and without conscience. She draws parallels between the military and the behavior of an addict. The addict will not refrain from his addiction on his own…
Obviously all this goes without the knowledge or approval of the earth’s population, regardless of our democratic systems and beliefs.
Preliminary effects of the new weapons which have been described here in part are: Apart from damages through mining, chemistry, nuclear and genetic engineering , life industries, Nano- technology (ETC group), and chemtrails that permanently destroy the air, the soil, the water, plants, and living conditions, as troublemakers have done (currently official lawsuits against the spraying of chemtrails over Long Island/destruction of natural life/ weather speculation at the stock markets), besides the looting and squander of resources:
Holes in the ozone layer, disturbances of the earth’s electromagnetic field, holes and incisions throughout the protective layers of the air, a wobble /an imbalance of the planetary motion and a slowing down of the rotation, therefore possible acceleration of a polar shift/polar reversal; the thawing of the arctic region – causing a weakening of the gulf stream by 1/3, the end of which would mean a possible new ice age for Europe …
Further: the outer layers of the atmosphere are decreasing by 1 km every 5 years (Bertell: Ch. Climate Change)

What’s the plan? What is going on currently? How much has been destroyed irreversibly? What actually do we not know about?
We can anticipate: a boomerang effect, a nemesis- a counter reaction – of nature, synergies/tipping points as well as unpredictable "side effects“ that will need to be taken into consideration.
"How do I repair a system without understanding it?“ - a question geo-engineers pose to themselves in regard to climate. What they omit in the process is the fact that they are referring to a “system” that has essentially been under attack precisely by them, and that too before they had an understanding of it themselves! Therefore the „system’s“ need for repair! In this way we may never have the opportunity to ever understand it, provided what we are talking about is a “system” to begin with. It is quite simply a dynamic part of the earth, a living being! And real life is something with which people such as geo engineers have surely never confronted themselves with!
And then Fukushima: The emergency of a possibly artificially induced synergy has taken effect there concerning us all: A possibly artificially produced earthquake, likewise the possibility of an artificial tsunami; occurring even before the earthquake; the alleged computer induced (Stuxnet virus?) failure of security and rescue systems throughout the nuclear plants and the possibility of artificially brought on blasts due to mini nukes, the only ones that could de-materialize the thick cement walls of the plants, appear to be independent of each other; chances are that we were witnesses to a simultaneous staging of events connected to nuclear and post nuclear disaster technology; this triggered 50 – 300 or even more times (!) the effect of Chernobyl, plutonium throughout the air globally, and radioactive contamination of the pacific ocean, the uterus of mother earth, which will soon also reach the west coast of the United States, as well as those on Japanese soil and the surroundings (s. Cover image 5. Info-Letter "Radioactive Seawater Impact Map“, March 2012; K. Dörr 2012, L. Moret 2011a, b; Kaku 2011; Senator Wyden 2012, J. Stone 2012, in detail s. 6th Information Letter).
The disaster isn’t over yet by any means, the so called “China Syndrome”, a melting through the foundations of the nuclear plant into the ground water can occur at any moment; reactor 4 is about to collapse bringing even more uranium stored in the fuel rods to the ground as all nuclear tests between 1945 and 1998 have done (Wyden 2012). 

Radioactivity has begun its eternal journey around the globe, damaging human genetic conditions from now on, as well as their intelligence and their future – eternally (Kaku 2011). This is irreversible!
Apart from illness, a million people have died due to Chernobyl. Millions of deaths, an endless number of mutations, nonviable life, still births, defects in humans, animals, and plants are yet to be expected…Fukushima will surpass all previous experiences of the nuclear age and in synergy with it, outdo unthinkable dimensions… (vgl., 4. Info-Letter, 2011, 6. Info-Letter,June 2012).
The phenomenon of "kyndiagnosia“, the incapacity to recognize danger is omnipresent in science, politics, economy, ecology, society, and particularly in the military. It can also be seen as the programmatic inability to define the own use of violence as a problem. For this violence is the premise of everything else!
In other words:
We are witnesses to how this project of nihilism and active "annihilation“ , as Günther Anders would put it, of hubris and irresponsibility – so to speak a kind of "audacity of the ignorant“ (Dahl), is failing; thereby, leading to unplanned and unwanted disastrous conditions, becoming completely uncontrollable. However, under these conditions, what is occurring is plausible, logical, and necessary 

f) Theoretical classification /Explanation.
Since the whole undertaking causes harm to everyone, including the agents themselves, it becomes unbelievable and seemingly irrational. An explanation which doesn’t even exist is necessary. Who of us regular human beings could possibly understand this deliberate promotion of insanity?
However: there exists a phenomena that I term "alchemistic belief in miracles“ , tied to a possible "creation through destruction“: improvement!, power!, striving for higher development, the overcoming of natural barriers, putting the so called "Anthropocene“ in effect, the historical era of mankind, to truly be god!:
by transformation of the planet into an easily manageable instrument,
and through the reversal of the vibrant planet into a predictable giant machine,

by means of intended ultimate control over all of life’s processes, provided life itself still exists,
and through the "taming“ of the "mega-witch“!
We would not only risk the last and greatest matricide, that of the earth itself, yes, in this way we would actually be promoting it.
It is believed that all this is really possible and therefore it actually takes on a truly religious dimension! In thinking that one is successful anyway, that one succeeds unconditionally in realizing the „alchemical“ project of creation out of destruction … we can see that this kind of thinking is thousands of years old…a failure is inconceivable!
When the total breakdown finally does occur, the truly responsible will think that nobody is worthy of survival, including the planet - This is pretty much their way of thinking - instead of working on a turnaround!
This is where a development that has endured for 500 years – rooted in a 5000 year old belligerent-religious-ideological beginning – comes to a climax and to an end: we are talking about patriarchal thinking and the development of a global system based on the utopian project of destruction and substitution of nature, that appears to have become the “collective unconscious” of today’s civilization (Werlhof 2010 und 2011; Projektgruppe „Zivilisationspolitik“ 2011).
Bertell: "Until now, nobody has clearly considered the potential consequences, described them or admitted to them“ (s. Wie unser Planet…in Bertell 2011).
What we will hear in the end might be no different from what the nuclear industry, which in fact remains uninsured against failure, has to say:
"We assumed that the worst case scenario will never actually take place”.
R. Bertell was still optimistic in the year 2000. She was confident in grass roots movements throughout the world and their ability to join forces with international organizations like the UN in order to disempower the military and to find a path towards a peaceful and friendly future shaped by respect towards the earth and the maintenance of “ecological safety”. In the face of today’s potential for destruction she believed, much like Tesla, that there was no other alternative than to employ this now.
Today, a dozen years later, it doesn’t look like any notice has been taken of these matters. Crisis related to financial capital, salaries, resources, sales/turnover, hegemony and the political establishment of a NWO (New World Order) that can lastly only be seen as a totalitarian financial and military dictatorship of the West, point towards a completely different development. The large Asian countries will not just tag along with this political model, and so it appears that new and devastating potentialities could increase and be put to use in an even more ruthless way. Our Canadian colleague, Michel Chossudovsky, states: “World War III has already begun!” (Chossudovsky 2012).
When will we awaken and roll up our sleeves?!
"Unfortunately“, says R. Bertell, "waiting for these weapons to be employed in order to then be able to better understand them will mean the end of our civilization and our life. Our research must be ahead of the threats instead of limping behind. Chemtrails are the attempt of biological and chemical warfare. What they are dumping on us now might only be a pre-taste of what is actually planned“ (Bertell, email 27.1.2011).

g)    And what about legislation?
"No laws exist that prohibit the tampering with the earth’s climate“(Hamilton in Bertell).
Bertell’s stance on this issue: if the military is tampering with our air, our water, the ground and the forces of our earth, or doing anything that questions our living conditions, let alone has the potential to destroy them, then that simply must not happen! First and foremost this needs to be discussed publically…we must have a right to that!
Environmental advocate Dominik Storr (in Bertell):
"The fact that geophysical warfare against mother earth has no legal repercussions is, however, also a symptom of complete political failure. Politically it has not been possible to generate any binding legal norms concerning limitations, let alone a ban on climate and weather moderating measures.” 

For, these remain concealed and are regarded as being non-existent.
As yet, none of the UN Conferences has been able to bring a discussion about military behavior to the table, so R. Bertell, even though the UN has been well aware of the existence of weather modification for wars since 35 years and has actually banned this, the topic was not even raised at the conference in Copenhagen 2009, at which climate was the central topic.
Instead, however, the UN enforced a global moratorium against geo engineering in Nagoya 2010, prohibiting individual, therefore private action! (, 3. Info Brief, April 2011). However, who is going to abide by that?

h)    Germany is the birthplace of V-Rockets engineered by Wernher von Braun, who then moved on to work for NASA in the US. Therefore, it is of importance to also publish this book in Germany, says R. Bertell. Much of modern technological advancement bases on German inventions. When will German ingenuity finally concern itself with peaceful options in regard to Tesla’s paradigm?

i)    It is our objective to rouse the public, the media, movements, science, politics, the EU, and above all, the people, especially our youth – that is being crammed with meaningless knowledge throughout their period of schooling and studies at universities while at the same time their future is disappearing right next door, beneath their feet and above their heads! It is probably not intended that they realize this in a timely manner?!
"Occupy Earth! “ Let us do that! We are the 99%, well no, we make up 99, 9%! It would actually be unbearable to just simply put up with everything!
Rosalie Bertell is an eye opener!

j)    Alternatives/What can be done?
Alternatives exist, however:
The key is to make use of alternatives before and not after an electromagnetic geophysical war.
What use are alternatives when life on earth has become non-viable or even the earth itself has been destroyed!?

I do understand that facing this situation causes the blood in one’s veins to freeze; this situation has been unthinkable until recently. Personally, I felt shaken to the core, as though an earthquake was taking place within me. At the same time I felt a calling that I decided to follow. Yes, I will do it and take it upon myself. I will commit myself regardless of the consequences, without calculating personal gains or losses.

I  s c r e a m – "We only have this one earth!“


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