"The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society
dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values.
..this elite would not hesitate to achieve its political ends by using the latest modern techniques for influencing public behavior...Persisting social crisis, the emergence of a charismatic personality, and the exploitation of mass media to obtain public confidence would be the stepping-stones in the piecemeal transformation of the United States into a highly controlled society...
In addition, it may be possible—and tempting—to exploit for strategic political purposes the fruits of research on the brain and on human behavior"


Tuesday, March 13, 2012


NOTE FROM JEFF: Only one thing is greater than the amount of ionizing radiation released from Fukushima, than the amount of lies being perpetrated concerning this, or than the amount of totally fake 'money' being conjured up by the international banking cartel...this would be the inestimable depth and breadth of human ignorance, denial and insanity. With several molten reactor cores at Fukushima already contaminating the water table and immeasureable quantities of close to 2000 synthetic radio-nuclides STILL BEING PRODUCED and disseminated throughout the biosphere, not to mention THOUSANDS OF KILOGRAMS OF PLUTONIUM vanished; with cetaceans being exploded and french-fried globally by military technologies that the average person believes doesn't even exist; the less and less transparent role of ‘industrial operations’ as de facto and clandestine ‘war-fighting’ organizations (e.g., Monsanto); with unbelievably and flagrantly fascist 'laws' and regulations coming into being every week, demonizing everything that's healthful and criminalizing everything that's true and useful; with a ludicrous 'tumour circus' of hideous 'meat puppets' performing on mass-media, like Obama singing on anyone can tell me that 'everything's A-OK' only shows how deeply delusional they must be. We still live in THIS dimension and we're responsible for THIS dimension. Until we clean up THIS dimension, then for all practical purposes, there are no OTHER dimensions available to us.

The article below by Yoichi Shimatsu is one of the most realistic appraisals of the on-going Fukushima scenario I've yet to read; even he, however, fails to mention the 'non-natural' origins of the disaster, nor the global 'depopulation' agenda it's a part of. HUNDREDS of nuclear reactors around the world have reached or are reaching the end of their life-span...and the beginning of their 'death-span'...which is far, far longer than the few decades they may have operated for. EACH of these reactors contains enough extremely radioactive substances to annihilate all life on the Earth many times over. And more is being created every hour of every day in thousands of locations.

The "Day of Omnicide" is upon us...ecocide, genocide, suicide. Planetary mass-extinction 'events' are believed to have happened before, but this time it's anthrogenic, courtesy of the Earth's most intelligent species, that would be us, homo sapiens, "man, the wise." Is this the all-too-fitting 'crowning achievement' of 5000 years of 'civilization' founded on war against the Earth?

"The only thing greater than our ignorance is our certainty that we know it all." Jeff Weffenstein

COMING SOON: "GENERATION 'F': Passionless People in a Poisoned Paradise" Jeff Phillips

ON THE NEWSTAND NOW: Latest issue of Uncensored magazine with my 'free-lance intelligence report" it here:

2/22/11 WAS NEW ZEALAND'S '9/11' Jeff Phillips

NOTE: This is increasingly obvious to anyone caring to look. The presence in Christchurch for the quake of a cadre of extremely high level U.S. bureaucrats with previous involvement in 'managing' 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, and the BP-Gulf disaster; the presence in John Key's office at the moment of the quake of several U.S. congressmen, at least two of whom are on record as having received campaign contributions from Anadarko Petroleum THEN within hours of the quake, Anadarko's 'permit request' for seismic exploration off the Canterbury coast was granted; the passage of new NZ "earthquake legislation" for the whole country, not just Canterbury, almost identical to the fascist U.S. Patriot Act, a 600+ page 'act' enabled less than 24 hours after 9/11 giving what amounts to dictatorial powers to the executive branch; the undeniable anomalies of the quake(s) coupled with verifiable presence of ALL the signatures of 'technetronic' warfare, i.e., utlizing microwave-based Tesla technologies and chem-trails; finally, the insidious presence of an Anadarko-contracted 'research vessel', the MV Aquila, in Lyttelton harbour when the quake happened. Five board members of Anadarko have indisputable connections to HAARP itself and/or its operators or deployment strategists, as well as bureaucratic/corporate entities with histories of 'false flag' operations (Anadarko was involved with the BP disaster), New World Order ideologies (Trilateral Commission) and U.S. global military hegemony (Halliburton, who owns Brown & Root, a petroleum corporation founded by Averil Harriman, one of Prescott Bush's business partners...together they conducted business with and supported Hitler's Third Reich). The explosion of mining, fracking, and oil exploration/drilling activity throughout New Zealand, including its massive "EEZ", the fifth largest in the world, as well as in all of its national parks, as well as the on-going assault from fascist legislation like the 'food security act' and the unending barrage of chem-trails and radio-frequency technologies is wreaking havoc not only on human health but also waging war on the cetaceans, the 'real people.' (scroll down to the 'Ministry of Geo-Terrorism" section)

3/11/11 WAS JAPANS '9/11' Jim Stone

NOTE: This article is very interesting in explaining 'why' the tsunami/quake were not 'natural' BUT he seems to deflect any consideration of HAARP-related technologies, whose signatures were clearly observable, including anomalous 'high energy atmospheric plasmas' over Fukushima at the time it happened, characteristic ‘artificial quake’ frequencies on HAARP, plus the conspicuous presence in the Sea of Japan of the USS Ronald Reagan and a huge floating 'SBX' radar platform believed to be 'technetronic.'


Fallujah, Fukushima, & the Global Radiation Catastrophe, Part 1

Fallujah, Fukushima, & the Global Radiation Catastrophe, Part 2


"An accurate reckoning of the danger to public health worldwide is not being discussed because governments are powerless against the nuclear monstrosity they created..Considering the 33-year half-life of cesium, far more people worldwide can be expected to die horribly due to the fallout of Fukushima rather than in any nuclear war with Iran or North Korea...Nearly every nuclear plant in the Pacific region has reached the limit of its spent fuel rod capacity, meaning these time bombs are fully loaded and ready to blow...Even when the cesium and strontium threats diminish, the possibility of mass extinction will remain for as long as humankind can muddle along. The chunks of uranium blasted into seawater around Fukushima have a half-life of 700,000 years."

A year on, the Fukushima nuclear disaster has reached far beyond Japan as an encroaching threat to human health everywhere and to the very existence of life on Earth. As the fallout goes global, there’s nowhere to run or hide since even tiny dosages in rainwater and the food chain have a cumulative effect.

In high-tech societies under constant exposure to radiation from medical scanners, security systems, telecom devices and consumer electronics, nearly everyone is teetering at the brink of the cancer abyss. The slightest exposure to dust from Fukushima is a ticket to an early exit.

Despite new admissions of a cover-up from high officials and an independent investigation in Japan, governments and the nuclear establishment continue to deny or downplay the immense dangers posed by atmospheric fallout and sea dumping from the Fukushima meltdowns. An accurate reckoning of the danger to public health worldwide is not being discussed because governments are powerless against the nuclear monstrosity they created.

Decades of assurances about nuclear safety have been blown away by the unexpected global effects of the March meltdowns. The past year’s crisis yanked open a Pandora’s Box of bizarre science that staggers the imagination of corporate scientists and bureaucrat engineers, from whom there comes only dumb-founded silence.

These include:

-- Previously unknown types of explosive nuclear reactions occurring midair or underground, which have been misrepresented as “hydrogen blasts”

-- Expansion of a vast ozone hole over the Arctic Circle, now equal in area to the damaged upper atmosphere over the Antarctic, caused by radioactive iodine and xenon gas caught in the jet stream, leaving the Earth’s air supply unprotected and heightening the threat of skin carcinoma.

"Earth's First Arctic Ozone Hole Recorded"

NOTE: Of course the authors never mention that the destruction of stratospheric ozone is one of the most greatly understood effects of atmospheric ionizing radiation.

-- High-energy interactions of xenon gas (which decays into cesium) with incoming solar flares and artificial electromagnetic belts created by U.S., NATO and Russian missile-defense shields [HAARP and related technologies](this synergy is visible in the northern lights that emit a deep green color due to the excitation of xenon, and it is no coincidence that three American nuclear power plants were incapacitated during the recent solar flare)

-- The growing possibility of mass extinction of marine life in the Pacific Ocean due to the nuclear contamination of major spawning waters for plankton and fish, the bottom of the food chain for higher life-forms, including whales and humans

-- A rising threat to human reproductive health from ingestion of radioactive isotopes through food, drinking water and respiration, resulting in mass abortions and population decline for Japan, a trend that will extend worldwide

-- Mutations of contagious pathogens, such as bird flu, due to genetic disorders in both microorganism and host species, including domesticated animals and wildlife.

Public at Risk From Official Silence

At the molecular level inside a biological cell, gamma-ray bombardment rewrites the genetic code contained in the chromosomes, scrambling the elegant poetry of life into gibberish. Since leukemia, cancers and birth defects can be falsely attributed to other disorders, the governments of North America, Europe and Asia along with international agencies can be counted on to remain silent or mount campaigns of misdiagnosis to protect their nuclear power and weapons programs, along with their food and travel industries. Bureaucrats, at heart and out of self-interest, are cowards.

While the World Health Organization imposed a strict travel ban on Hong Kong during the much less risky SARS outbreak of 1992, the WHO and governments accept those devious ads from the Japanese travel bureau luring tourists with the false claim that the country and its food are safe. With rising numbers of naive tourists returning with serious health problems, residents and travel agents in Singapore and Hong Kong have finally become wary of sending anyone to Japan. Business as usual is death abnormal.

Warhead Recycling Worsened the Crisis

Whatever his timid admissions about the official cover-up so far, former Prime Minister Naoto Kan has yet to disclose the truth behind his more disturbing decisions: first, the absence of stenographers and voice recordings at his emergency Cabinet meetings; and why the government had to order the Tokyo Electric Power Company not to abandon Fukushima No.1 plant after the March 15 mini-nuclear explosions.

The high-level cover-up and lab analysis of cesium-isotope ratios indicate the Japanese nuclear establishment was illegally involved in the reprocessing of weapons-grade uranium at Fukushima No. 1 and probably two other civilian nuclear plants in northern Japan. The U.S. Department of Energy dares not address Tokyo’s violation of the Non-Proliferation Treaty because much of the enriched nuclear material at Fukushima was covertly supplied from the American military arsenal under a suspected 2006 secret accord between the Bush and Abe administrations.

According to whistleblowers in the U.S. non-proliferation agency, highly reactive uranium from dismantled U.S. warheads stored in the Fukushima spent-fuel pools readily ignited after the quake knocked out the water pumps. A transport casket of elongated shape resembling a missile was sky-hooked out of a pool by helicopter soon after the tsunami, but the remainder of the weapons-grade stock was too heavy to remove. The series of detonations prevented repair crews from accessing controls of the reactor cores, which eventually melted through the containment chambers and into the subsurface soil.

When the quake and tsunami hit on March 11, only three reactors out of a total six at Fukushima were scheduled to produce electricity yet in actuality five were operational. Since then plant workers disclosed that the supposedly empty Reactor 4 had been refitted with a new steel shroud in secret by GE and that it was fully loaded with new fuel rods. The two extra reactors were running clandestine operations, the likeliest purpose being the enrichment of uranium prior to extraction. By no coincidence, Hitachi Electric and Honeywell are partners in developing a laser-plasma system to extract highly pure plutonium and uranium.

The collaboration between Washington and Tokyo in a covert nuclear-weapons program was a violation of international law that in its hypocrisy and duplicity towers above Iran’s suspected program or North Korea’s puny attempts at bomb-making. Weapons production at Fukushima also violates the foundations of the U.S.-Japan Security treaty, which stipulates that Japan provide military bases in exchange for protection under the American nuclear umbrella. The International Atomic Energy Agency’s selective enforcement of the counter-proliferation treaty only spurs smaller nations to invest in nuclear deterrence against the real possibility of a covert build-up by Japan, Israel, India and other U.S. allies.

Now, to make an optimistic prediction: Considering the 33-year half-life of cesium, far more people worldwide can be expected to die horribly due to the fallout of Fukushima rather than in any nuclear war with Iran or North Korea. Proliferation begins at home; not only inside faulty nuclear plants but whenever we switch on a television set or open the refrigerator door. Our consumerist demand for convenience leads to docile acceptance of mass suicide. Laziness – both physical and mental - is thus the greatest of the seven deadly sins of this nuclear era.

Earthquakes and volcano eruptions are becoming more frequent in Japan as well as the entire Ring of Fire. Nearly every nuclear plant in the Pacific region has reached the limit of its spent fuel rod capacity, meaning these time bombs are fully loaded and ready to blow. Even when the cesium and strontium threats diminish, the possibility of mass extinction will remain for as long as humankind can muddle along. The chunks of uranium blasted into seawater around Fukushima have a half-life of 700,000 years. Many more quakes, tsunamis and lava eruptions are coming – Fukushima was only the first such crisis and it’s still not over.

Yoichi Shimatsu, former associate editor with Pacific News Service and general editor at the Japan Times Weekly, has reported from Fukushima and served as an environmental consultant on countering radiation effects.

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