"The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society
dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values.
..this elite would not hesitate to achieve its political ends by using the latest modern techniques for influencing public behavior...Persisting social crisis, the emergence of a charismatic personality, and the exploitation of mass media to obtain public confidence would be the stepping-stones in the piecemeal transformation of the United States into a highly controlled society...
In addition, it may be possible—and tempting—to exploit for strategic political purposes the fruits of research on the brain and on human behavior"


Tuesday, May 1, 2012



“Great catastrophes of the past accompanied by electrical discharges and followed by radioactivity could have produced sudden and multiple mutations of the kind achieved today by experimenters, but on an immense scale.  The past of mankind, and of the plant and animal kingdoms, too, must now be viewed in the light of the experience of Hiroshima and no longer from the portholes of the Beagle.”

Immanuel Velikovsky, Earth in Upheaval, chapter 15, “Cataclysmic Evolution”

In recent years military strategists have shifted from nuclear to technetronic* weapons, a leap as great as that from gunpowder to atom bombs.  The  creation and accumulation, the ‘stock-piling’ and dispersal of incomprehensibly astronomical quantities of synthetic radio-nuclides represents a planetary biological weapons system exceeded in scale and intensity only by extra-terrestrially-originating catastrophes our planet has experienced throughout her long history.  

On the ‘grand chessboard’ of today, major players are able covertly to create ‘climate disruption’ which is blamed on ‘global warming’, or to create earth-quakes which may destroy a city and/or industrial installation, giving the appearance of a ‘natural disaster’ and releasing massive global radio-logical warfare, in the case of Fukushima.  In his own limited way, humanity deploys his most advanced technologies in order to ‘emulate the gods’ of cosmic death and destruction;  this much we know.  The mystery is…why?

Denial, omission, marginalisation, disinformation and outright lies have surrounded every aspect of ‘the peaceful atom.’  In the wake of Fukushima, public relations, the engineering of consent, and reality-inversion have reached unprecedented levels of incredulity.  The global mass-media apparatus continues to be instrumental in maintaining the ‘deafening silence’ on all things nuclear.  Meanwhile, the radio-active fires rage on, bringing ‘hot particles’, cancer and mutation to every corner of the globe.

* geo-physical techniques utilizing radio-frequency energy to trigger environmental instabilities and create ionospheric heating

Dr. Mark Sircus is one of the few activists striving to keep the nuclear scenario on the screen of public radar.  I have commended him, but also tried to provide a more realistic appraisal of the actual situation.

His latest article “Fukushima on Steroids”
“Mark...good on you bro for keeping the radiation thing on the radar and for being more realistic about what is really going on.  I have no desire to make people freak out or panic BUT the reality of what is going on is at that level.  If anything, we should have paniced and freaked out long ago, when we could still do something about it.  NOW the whole nuclear thing has been metastasizing for over 60 years and when you step back, realize what it IS and how MUCH of it there is, it really seems that all along the whole thing has been designed to terminate biological life on this planet.  I am exploring all this more, but when you look at the connections between the 'occult' aspects of the Third Reich AND the people who backed them...the international bankers, the connections with secret 'death cults' like Skull and Bones, which MANY of these decision-makers have been involved with, including Henry Stimson, the person who got Truman to drop the bomb on Japan, that GE had directors in America and Nazi Germany at the same time and THEY designed the original reactors and were probably involved in where they were built...the idea of putting the spent fuel pools ON TOP OF THE REACTOR is like a built-in guarantee of future disaster.  Think about it.  Dennis Cuddy and others have investigated the 'resurrection' of the Third Reich in the form of 'successors' who appear to be men of power and wealth but are connected by secret agendas...does the Bilderberger Group come to mind?  Their single biggest agenda, like that of the Nazis, is the twin goal of domination and depopulation, global hegemony and high-tech 'eugenics.' “

Top CEO’s with Obama in Brazil when Fukushima Happened

Obama just happened to be in Brazil for the first two weeks of the Fukushima disaster, when released radiation levels were believed to be at their highest, along with the CEO’s of several corporations with very direct ties to the heart of the nuclear industry, including Jeffrey Immelt (GE), Aris Candris (Westinghouse), James T. Hackett (Andadarko), and Anthony S. Harrington (Albright-Stonebridge Group)GE and Westinghouse are the premier designers of reactors and warheads;  GE reactors exploded at Fukushima.  Anadarko owns Kerr-McGee, the notorious plutonium reprocessing company.  Madeline Albright was secretary of state under Clinton who proclaimed that the death of half a million Iraqi children due to U.S. sanctions was ‘acceptable.’

“Democide, Mass-Murder and the New World Order”


"The Decision to Use the Atomic Bomb"

NAZI scientists worked on U.S. atomic bomb

General Electric Funded the Third Reich, had board members in US and Nazi Germany simultaneously


"The Power Elite and the Secret Nazi Plan"  Dennis Cuddy

Dr. Linus Pauling & Petkau Effect

Interesting NASA computer simulation of oceanic currents (page one) "Perpetual Ocean"

NOTE:  This disaster, as well as others (Christchurch quake, Haiti quake, BP-Gulf, Hurricane Katrina) ALL show CLEAR SIGNATURES of having been purposively engineered.  It's the 'next generation' of 'full-spectrum war-fighting' and the enemy is life as we know her.  THIS IS THE AGENDA OF THE MIC AND THE BANKERS.

Read my articles in the latest issue of Uncensored


Last week I received an autographed copy of Chernobyl:  Consequences for the People and the Environment from Dr. Alexey Yablokov.  He is the TOP researcher who understands what Fukushima means for life on this planet.  In his book is the ONLY presentation of the reality and complexity of radio-nuclide dissemination disasters I know of, for example, the totally unexpected behaviour of some isotopes of tellurium and americum; Fukushima is astronomically vaster than Chernobyl in both complexity and quantity of substances released and continually being created and disseminated as I write this.

The figures about the total amounts of radiation being reported are WAY TOO LOW and misleading as well.  First, the leading edge of research from Oak Ridge N.L. (Gauld et. al) tells us that at least 1946 synthetic radio-nuclides exist from fission reactions, EACH of which has a unique half-life as well as numerous and highly radio-active daughter products, each with different half-lives; this is under controlled circumstances, which Fukushima is NOT.  The radio-nuclide situation there is far more complex and unknown because of numerous interactions going on that have never happened before.

Hiroshima alone released 1.2 Mega Curies all at once with a 30 kilo-ton explosion. Rating nuclear detonations in terms of 'tons of tnt', which is what 'kilo-tons' means is totally misleading, as this is ONLY the blast power and tells NOTHING about the radiation release.

The figure of '85 times the radiation of Chernobyl' is a gross's probably closer to 10,000 Chernobyls for several reasons: 

1) Fukushima has 3 total meltdowns so far, maybe more, with another likely to happen; 14 reactors in total in the vicinity are damaged. 

2) Fukushima has permanently contaminated the entire Pacific ocean by sheer proximity and by using sea-water

3) At Chernobyl no spent fuel pools were Fukushima two spent fuel pools burned up in the first week (massive explosions blew the tops off the buildings, NOT 'hydrogen' explosions but atomic, according to Dr. Chris Busby).  

A fourth pool is believed TO ALREADY HAVE LOST ITS WATER MONTHS AGO, was already on fire as early as the first days of the disaster, and is now emitting huge white clouds as of today (2 May 2012).  This building, 4, has not collapsed yet but if the water is leaking or gone the assemblies have been irradiating into the atmosphere since then. 

SEE PHOTOS HERE:  I personally do not believe that intact spent fuel pools are likely to exist inside this rubble…maybe in Building Four?

Check this article for a discussion of why at least two spent fuel pools have been long gone:

"Failure to keep adequate water levels in a pool would lead to a catastrophic fire, said nuclear experts, some of whom think that unit 1’s pool may now be outside."

Asahi Flyover: "No spent fuel pool seen in Reactor No. 3 — SFP ‘must’ be in center of screen, however we can’t see any of it..."

“Now we are zooming the 5th floor of reactor 3, where the fuel storage pool is. We must be able to see the top of the fuel storage pool at the very place. There “must” be the fuel storage pool in the center of the screen. However, we can not see even a part of the pool from the sky.”

4) ALL spent fuel assemblies contain plutonium (plutonium is created as a fuel rod fissions and remains in there after it is removed from the reactor) but at Fukushima, MOX fuel rods containing plutonium were in use and fresh ones had just been installed before March of 2011.   

A very small number of spent fuel rods contain enough plutonium to kill all human beings if 'properly' distributed; by reasonable estimates there have been HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF INDIVIDUAL RODS that have rubbleized and/or vapourized since March 2011.

Purely logically and observationally, we KNOW that massive explosions destroyed the insides of buildings one and three…what is the probability that the spent fuel pools remained undamaged?


1)  50 tons in pool, 400 ass. in core*, 292 ass. in pool**
2)  81 tons in pool, 548 ass. in core*, 587 ass. in pool
3)  88 tons in pool, 548 ass. in core*, 514 ass. in pool (32 mox)**
4)  135 tons in pool, 0 in core, 1479 ass. in pool
5)  142 tons in pool, 418 ass. in core, 946 ass. in pool (?)
6)  151 tons in pool, 634 ass. in core, 867 ass. in pool

ass. = fuel rod assemblies
* in the ground
** rubbleized/vapourized long ago


The cores of reactors 1, 2 and 3 have 'left the building' months ago. The cores of 1 and 3 were blasted apart; their remains and the core of 2 are headed down towards a probable hydro-volcanic explosion scenario.

The spent fuel pools of reactors 1 and 3 ARE GONE, blasted into the air long ago.


Fukushima: Find the corium? Maybe in a few thousand years or so

"Corium is a lava-like molten mixture of portions of nuclear reactor core, formed during a nuclear meltdown, the most severe class of a nuclear reactor accident.

It consists of nuclear fuel, fission products, control rods, structural materials from the affected parts of the reactor, products of their chemical reaction with air, water and steam, and, in case the reactor vessel is breached, molten concrete from the floor of the reactor room.

In the case of Fukushima, the corium melted out of the reactors, probably the first day. It has been estimated to be 30-40 ft under the reactors, although this topic has been extensively debated.

There are 3 corium blobs, between 100-150 tons in size, at a temperature of approximately 3000 degrees Fahrenheit. Of course no one really this precisely, since humans/robots/cameras can’t get near it without dying or breaking."

And here is a fantastic new e-book with HEAPS OF SHOCKING INFORMATION:

Nuclear Crimes


And HERE are links to down-load THE TWO MOST ESSENTIAL BOOKS ANYONE NEEDS to truly understand what is going on with the global radiation scenario:

The Code Killers by Ace Hoffman


This is a FANTASTIC and highly visual resource, the whole book is charts and graphs...he tells us that the typical reactor has 1000 tons of fuel in it, for example...and contains roughly 1.5 GigaCuries, or 5.6 x 10 to the 19th Becquerels...this is ONE reactor core.  [NOTE:  remember that Hiroshima was 1.5 MegaCuries, or a thousand times less than this = a typical reactor core contains a thousand times more radiation than one Hiroshima explosion]

Pu239  well-known form of plutonium, used in bombs and reactors, half-life of 24,000 years...lethal down to a microgram [Helen Caldicott estimates that 500 TONS of this are produced in reactors each year]

Pu238  used as heat source for power generation by NASA, CIA...half-life of 87 years, is 280 times MORE carcinogenic than Pu239 [Karl Grossman would know how many tons of this might be in orbit right now, ref. The Wrong Stuff: The Space Program's Nuclear Threat To Our Planet]”

Chernobyl:  Consequences for the People and the Environment, A. Yablokov and Nesterenko


"How many radio-nuclides spread over the world?...No one knows for certain, but estimates vary from 50 x 10 to the 6th Ci, or approx. 4-5% of the total radio-nuclides released from the reactor, to the reactor being essentially empty and more than 10  x 10 to the 9th Ci dispersed over the globe..."

"No fewer than 3 billion persons inhabit areas contaminated by Chernobyl's radio-nuclides."

"Until now the spotty/uneven distribution of the Chernobyl radioactive fallout has attracted too little attention.  Aerogamma studies, upon which most maps of contamination are based, give only average values of radioactivity for 200-400 meters of a route, so small, local highly radioactive 'hot spots' can exist without being marked."

"Problems with Americium-241  The powerful alpha-emitter Am-241, formed as a result of the natural disintegration of Pu241, is a very important factor in the increasing levels of contamination in many areas located up to 1,000 kms from Chernobyl NPP. The territory contaminated by Pu today, where the level of alpha radiation is usually low, will again become dangerous as a result of the future disintegration of Pu-241 to Am-241 in the ensuing tens and even hundreds of years.  An additional danger of Am-241 is its higher solubility and consequent mobility into ecosystems compared with Pu." (p.24)

"...helicopters dumped 2,400 tons of lead (Pb) into the reactor; according to other data, the figure was 6,720 tons...Pb contamination added to radiation causes harm to living organisms.  Ionizing radiation causes biochemical oxidation of free radicals in cells.  Under the influence of heavy metals these reactions proceed especially intensively."

"...some radio-nuclides, which result in much higher levels of radiation than that due to Cs-137...include Cl-36 and Te-99 with half-lives of nearly 30,000 years and 21,000 years, respectively...the latter isotopes cause very low levels of radiation, but it will persist for many millenia...the number of people who were exposed to additional radiation at a level higher than 2.5 x 10 to the minus 2 mSv might be more than 4.7 billion and at a level higher than o.4 mSv more than 605 million."

Obstacles to Analysis of the Chernobyl Consequences

1)  official secrecy

2)  lack of detailed and clearly reliable medical data

3)  "Difficulties in estimating true individual radioactive doses in view of a) reconstruction of doses in the first days, weeks and months after the catastrophe;  b)  uncertainty as to the influence of individual 'hot particles';  c)  problems accounting for uneven and spotty contamination;  d)  inability to determine the influence of each of many radio-nuclides, singly and in combination

4)  inadequacy of modern knowledge as to a)  the specific effect of each of the many radio-nuclides; b)  synergy of interactions of radio-nuclides among themselves and with other environmental factors;  c)  population and individual variations in radio-sensitivity; d)  impact of ultra-low doses [NOTE:  PETKAU EFFECT] and dose rates;  e)  impact of internally absorbed radiation on various organs and biological systems.

"Mutation loads and mutation rates in plants, animals and microorganisms in the Chernobyl-contaminated territories are much higher than elsewhere.  Chronic low-dose exposure to Chernobyl radiation has resulted in trans-generational accumulation of genomic instability...In the contaminated territories there are also active processes of natural selection for the survival of less radio-sensitive individuals - the process of radio-adaptation...[which] in a population under conditions of chronic contamination will lead to diminish radio-sensitivity over many generations and evolutionary theory predicts that this will result because of special adaptation accompanied by elimination of sensitive geno-types and pauperization of the gene poolSome plants and animals demonstrate a return to historically atavistic, primitive types of genetic systems...considering the short life-span of a generation of micro-organisms, this rapid micro-evolutionary process can lead to activation of more primitive life-forms as well as to the occurrence of new forms of viruses, bacteria and fungi...More than 70% of all experimental rats raised under conditions of Chernobyl contamination developed cancer within the next few years and suffered multiple other diseases and impaired immunological competence." (p.286)

Chernobyl was one reactor that exploded; Fukushima has 2 reactors that exploded, 3 molten cores in the ground, at least two more reactors in melt-down, a total of at least 14 reactors in trouble, and at least 2 spent fuel pools containing thousands of fuel assemblies and hundreds of thousands of fuel rods that have blasted into rubble and vapourized, releasing and mobilizing thousands of kilograms of plutonium, among hundreds of other highly dangerous radio-nuclides.

Perhaps as many as 1,000 or more OTHER reactors remain in operation today, all over the world, on land, in the ocean and in space, with hundreds more under construction.  Uranium mining continues unabated.

Mitsui Chemical Plant Explosions, Still Burning

I reckon what's happened at the 'chemical' plant...called a 'glue factory' but known to be a radio-active waste depository with over 3000 containers of DU and who knows what else...that's been burning is this:  unless it was deliberately sabotaged (remember, massive evidence exists that Fukushima was not a NATURAL disaster), there is a good possibility that they've been bringing massive amounts of radio-active waste, debris, water, whatever will go into containers from Fukushima and storing it there WITH ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA OF HOW HIGH THE RADIATION LEVELS ACTUALLY ARE.  Just like in the original 'atomic piles' when you stack a bunch of radio-active materials together closely, weird things start to 'prompt criticality'…which is the chain-reaction leading to fission. I believe that this is what started to happen at that plant a long time ago...weird flashes of blue light just like they saw at Fukushima...fission reactions started happening in the waste drums.  They were already trying to shut down and evacuate the plant when the explosions and fires started, so they knew something was going on.  With all this stuff on fire, it's even WORSE than the incineration of the rubble and waste.

With the sudden rash of nuclear plant accidents and incidents in America in the last year, it really makes me wonder who is actually behind all this?  Humanity is behind it.  It all adds up to massive and actual ‘nuclear war without the explosions.’


A vast planetary burden of synthetic radio-nuclides already existed throughout the biosphere, including the bodies of plants and animals, resulting from the 2000+ atmospheric detonations, on-going releases (intentional and accidental) from reactor sites and processing facilities, from the many hundreds of thousands of tons of DU (‘depleted’ uranium’) weapons deployed by NATO forces around the world, and other sources (medical waste, spacecraft power systems).

Many hundreds (way more than 435) of civilian reactors exist and are in operation around the world right now, EACH of which has similar astronomical quantities of THE most dangerous materials known to exist.  MANY are located right on faults and/or close to cities.  Vermont Yankee, an old reactor of the same GE design as the exploded Fukushima ones, has approximately 690 tons of spent fuel in its storage facilities.

The U.S. Navy alone operates possibly as many as between 500 and 1000 reactors of its own, some aircraft carriers have 8 or more reactors on one ship.  They claim to have over 5000 'reactor-years' under their belts = the biggest producer of radio-active waste on the planet.  Add in the military reactors of the other nuclear countries.

Tens of thousands of tons of uranium continue to be mined annually, from Kazakhstan, Canada and Australia.  China is currently building over 100 new reactors.

Almost NO 'environmental organizations' even MENTION any of this; obvious and text-book signs of acute radiation poisoning are showing up in Alaska seal and bear populations, not to mention the people of Japan...written off as 'mystery diseases.'  Ones that DO 'mention' it, like Greenpeace or WHOI (‘assets’ of the CIA and U.S. Navy, respectively), merely maintain the illusion that 'safe levels' of these radio-nuclides exist, plus they totally down-play the levels found.

NO SAFE LEVELS OF SYNTHETIC RADIO-NUCLIDES EXIST PERIOD.  Read the works of Manhattan Project biologists and the warning of Dr. Linus Pauling, the only scientist ever to receive two Nobel prizes.

THE SITUATION HAS BEEN AT 'MASS EXTINCTION' LEVEL SINCE THE FIRST WEEK AFTER IT BEGAN.  All we're talking now is ASTRONOMICAL OVER-KILL LEVELS.  The southern hemisphere ultimately is no safer than the north, people here will just mutate and die slightly later.  But it's not going to happen might take a generation or two or three.

COMING SOON:  a 'near death experience' for humanity or an 'actual death experience' for humanity?

MY NEW ARTICLE coming in the next issue of Uncensored:


2 MAY 2012

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