"The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society
dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values.
..this elite would not hesitate to achieve its political ends by using the latest modern techniques for influencing public behavior...Persisting social crisis, the emergence of a charismatic personality, and the exploitation of mass media to obtain public confidence would be the stepping-stones in the piecemeal transformation of the United States into a highly controlled society...
In addition, it may be possible—and tempting—to exploit for strategic political purposes the fruits of research on the brain and on human behavior"


Monday, May 14, 2012



“350,000 people will have to be eliminated every day in order to sustain the planet. It's a terrible thing to say but somebody has to say it.” Dr. Jacques Cousteau  [And somebody has to do it...meanwhile let's 'save the whales ok?]

NOTE FROM JEFF: I hadn't planned to do another nuclear posting so soon but i've been troubled by the all the hype and attention being put onto Building/reactor 4 and its spent fuel pool at Fukushima.  It's distracting us from what we REALLY need to focus on, that is, 'coming forth by day.'  Even though the REAL mass-extinction level was reached within a week of the original catastrophe, due mainly to at least two spent fuel pools that vapourized, releasing untold quantities of plutonium into the biosphere, NOW all of a sudden the impending collapse of Building 4 is going to be 'the end of the world' and so on.  It doesn't make sense, yet a lot of who have seemed to be nuclear 'good guys' are making this 'end of the world' pitch.  A few months ago the big fear thing was 'impending nuclear war with Iran'.  Now it's shifted to 'impending collapse of Building 4.'  The focus of attention has shifted, yet the underlying dangers remain the same.  The pro-nuclear psy-ops and 'perception management' teams have surely learned that a well-managed public mind needs a constantly renewed threat to focus its attention on; habituation brings inattention.  The mind-managers are implicitly telling us that even the slightest breeze from the ocean could  cause the collapse of Building 4; isn't it a given that it could very easily be brought down on purpose, especially given the massive 'unnatural disaster' anomalies of the whole Fukushima thing?  For those of us who even have Fukushima...or reality in general..on our radar, rather than worrying about stocking up on potassium iodide pills and contacting real estate agents in South America, wouldn't we be better off making a SERIOUS effort not only to go to the proverbial 'next level' we've always heard about, but before that, to consider what that actually means? 
MANY THANKS to Dr. Alexey Yablokov (first image) for his on-going contributions to a TRUE understanding of the global effect of synthetic radio-nuclides.

NUCLEAR PLAGIARISM (well-intentioned)
‘COMING FORTH BY DAY’ (the 'next level')

Last week Dr. Alexey Yablokov, co-author of  Chernobyl:  Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment emailed to thank and compliment me for and on my ‘global radio-logical catastrophe’ article.  This meant a lot to me, as Alexey is THE top ‘all things nuclear’ mind on the planet.  At the beginning of this article I quote Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky, another brilliant Russian scientific mind uncompromised by fear or autocracy.


A couple weeks ago I also emailed Dr. Mark Sircus to thank him for his efforts to keep the nuclear thing on the public radar, but also guiding him to a clearer vision of the reality of the situation.  Here is my email to him:

“ might like to read my latest thing here:

'Generation 'F':  How Humanity is Winning the War on Itself"

"The whole global nuclear thing cannot really be thought about or comprehended by our minds.  The scenario is THE primary example of how science and technology have advanced with a life of their own yet people in general are walking around with the exact same mentality as a thousand years ago.

Since the dawn of 'civilization' we have descended into an identification with matter and forgotten that we are essentially spiritual beings, that consciousness is primary and matter secondary.

We have been in denial of our spiritual nature for so long that now we've trashed our beautiful 'Garden of Eden' that served as our 'laboratory of incarnation' in which to learn and grow in the unique circumstance of spiritual beings inhabiting beautiful biological bodies on a beautiful Mother Earth.

We've neglected and denied the real reality for so long and actively participated in the damage to the Earth...'digging precious things from the land' is really where it started...and our family of life that now, our collective karma is biting us in the ass.

Fukushima is pure karmic consequence.  Ultimately, we each come into this 'life' with a finite 'life-span.'  In a spiritual society, 'death' is an illusion and is welcomed as a new journey, a celebration of remembrance and return to our origin in the consciousness of creativity and love, what the ancient Egyptians called 'coming forth by day.'  What we call 'death' is really WAKING UP.

The shamanic initiation is about waking up at these levels while still in this body.  THIS IS WHERE HUMANITY IS AT RIGHT NOW.


We may well have already rendered the Earth uninhabitable for life as we know her beginning in the near future.  What does this mean karmically for each and every one of us?  What are the implications for the human experiment, for all other larger life-forms on Mother Earth?"
cheers and keep in touch jeff in nz

Here is Dr. Sircus’ response:

"Some solid thoughts and I will write an essay addressing his essay and will bring in your thoughts which pretty much equal mine. My intuitive calculations is that we will get about 10 percent of what the northern hemisphere is going to get....but ten percent of a civilization destroying planetary biosphere contamination is still on the beach.....I am in the middle of the south american a valley....does not get any better and I would not lead my family under-ground..."


I had also suggested to Sircus that he communicate my ideas to his mate Mike 'perma-grin' Adams, the Natural News “health ranger” who has been keeping the nuclear thing alive as well, but not exactly telling it like it is.

I was somewhat shocked to read MY OWN WORDS in this posting from Dr. Sircus a few days later, yet with no reference to me.  MY words are in bold.


The creation, accumulation, 'stock-piling' and dispersal of incomprehensibly astronomical quantities of synthetic radio-nuclides represents a planetary biological weapons system aimed right down the throat of humanity and its children. We have failed ourselves and we have certainly failed humanity’s children. We are robbing them of their future and this is one of the ugliest truths about us. You can clearly see the banks and top government officials around the world doing that financially, but when it comes to radiation contamination, it’s forever.

Immanuel Velikovsky wrote in his book, Earth in Upheaval, “Denial, omission, marginalization, disinformation and outright lies have surrounded every aspect of ‘the peaceful atom.’ In the wake of Fukushima, public relations, the engineering of consent, and reality-inversion have reached unprecedented levels of incredulity. The global mass-media apparatus continues to be instrumental in maintaining the ‘deafening silence’ on all things nuclear. Meanwhile, the radioactive fires rage on, bringing ‘hot particles’, cancer and mutation to every corner of the globe.”

This has been lifted straight out of my posting below:

As well, Immanuel Velikovsky (who died in 1979) said NONE of this…I did.  I’m not looking for ‘credit’ here but Sircus would do very well 1) to get his information straight and more importantly, 2) acknowledge where his information is coming from.  This is pure honesty and integrity in networking and journalism.  It can also be called ‘plagiarism’ but we won’t go there, not yet anyway.  I will also refrain from criticizing Sircus on his clinging to ‘religion’ instead of embracing inner spiritual strength and creativity.


In the past two or three weeks there’s been elevated levels of ‘news’ about Fukushima’s impending ‘threat to humanity’, due to the precariousness of the reactor and spent fuel pool of Building 4.  In the wake of Senator Wyden’s visit there, Fukushima has suddenly become an ‘international problem’ and U.S. ‘national security’ issue.  Duh?  It’s all quite suspicious.

As I reported in my posting from a week or two ago:

“A very small number of spent fuel rods contain enough plutonium to kill all human beings if 'properly' distributed; by reasonable estimates there have been HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF INDIVIDUAL RODS that have rubbleized and/or vapourized since March 2011…THE SITUATION HAS BEEN AT 'MASS EXTINCTION' LEVEL SINCE THE FIRST WEEK AFTER IT BEGAN.  All we're talking now is ASTRONOMICAL OVER-KILL LEVELS.  The southern hemisphere ultimately is no safer than the north, people here will just mutate and die slightly later.  But it's not going to happen might take a generation or two or three.”

To the point:  Mike 'perma-grin' Adams, Arnie 'three mile' Gunderson, Michio 'doctor kook' Kaku and others seem to be keeping us informed BUT the reality is that what they are talking about ALREADY HAPPENED IN THE FIRST WEEK OF THE FUKUSHIMA DISASTER.  With TWO SPENT FUEL POOLS VAPOURIZED back then, THIS was the ‘nail in the coffin of humanity’ if there has ever been one.   

The deception or disinformation is that the collapse of building four and/or the destruction of its spent fuel pool will take it all TO ANOTHER LEVEL OF CONTAMINATION.  The reality is that this would in fact make it all much worse, another ‘nail’ if you will, but THAT NEXT LEVEL WAS ALREADY REACHED IN MARCH OF 2011.

Here are links to what these people have saying recently:


“I was chatting with David Rainoshek on Skype today, and he and I both agreed: the precarious Fukushima situation is, by far, the No. 1 threat facing humanity at this moment.  Of all the things going on -- GMOs, fluoride, chemtrails, loss of topsoils, etc.-- Fukushima is orders of magniture more immediate in terms of its threat to our continued way of life in the Northern hemisphere.  The mass cover-up of the Fukushima situation is being called Plume-Gate, and today's feature story explains Plume-Gate in more detail:”

NOTE:  The ‘number one threat facing humanity’ is HUMANITY, followed by 'military-industrial civilization' and biospheric mutagens.  Adams is also a regular co-host of the Alex Jones Show.

ARNIE 'three-mile' GUNDERSON

"There’s more cesium in that [Unit 4] fuel pool than in all 800 nuclear bombs exploded above ground…But of course it would happen all at once.  It would certainly destroy Japan as a functioning country…Move south of the equator if that ever happened, I think that’s probably the lesson there."

NOTE:  For some reason I never trusted Gunderson.  He was, in fact, employed at Three Mile Island at some point (according to Ace Hoffman, during the TMI partial melt-down, the radiation recording chart was ‘taken off-line’ for an hour or two during the peak of the crisis), and has been involved in the operation of over 70 reactors.  To this day he is a ‘consultant’ to nuclear power.  Translation:  the nuclear industry pays him.  I think we can be sure that he’s not telling us the whole truth…not by a long shot.  According to Greenpeace, over 2000 atmospheric nuclear tests have been conducted, not 800.  There may be more cesium in building 4’s spent fuel pool than in ‘800 nuclear bombs’, but the PLUTONIUM is far more dangerous.  And what does ‘happen all at once’ mean?  A spent fuel pool collapsing is not really comparable to ‘800 nuclear bombs’ going off, and would be much worse in many ways, if only because it would be silent and invisible, with no explosions;  or it might be 'better' if your goal were to get rid of people without destroying infrastructure.

MICHIO 'doctor kook' KAKU

“People don’t realize that the Fukushima reactor is on a knife’s edge. It’s near the tipping point.  A small earthquake, another pipe break, another explosion, could tip it over and we could have a disaster much worse, many times worse than Chernobyl. It’s like a sleeping dragon."

NOTE:  Can you really trust anyone who appears on David Letterman?  Remember, NBC is owned by General Electric.  Kaku tells us that “we need private enterprise, especially people with deep pockets to help jump start the program and maybe mining the heavens is just the ticket.”  Kaku, who is good mates with Ray Kurzweil, also believes that having micro-chips installed in EVERYTHING is a great idea, and that ‘transcendent man’ is our destiny.

Fukushima Fuel Pools Are an American National Security Issue

“After visiting Fukushima, Senator Ron Wyden warned that the situation was worse than reported … and urged Japan to accept international help to stabilize dangerous spent fuel pools.

An international coalition of nuclear scientists and non-profit groups are calling on the U.N. to coordinate a multi-national effort to stabilize the fuel pools. And see this.

Fuel pool number 4 is, indeed, the top short-term threat facing humanity.

Anti-nuclear physician Dr. Helen Caldicott says that if fuel pool 4 collapses, she will evacuate her family from Boston and move them to the Southern Hemisphere. This is an especially dramatic statement given that the West Coast is much more directly in the path of Fukushima radiation than the East Coast.”

To me, it’s quite strange and suspicious that NOW all of a sudden everyone is worried about building four when they SHOULD HAVE BEEN THIS WORRIED IN MARCH OF 2011.  To me it’s apparent that even these recent elevated attention levels are not only part of the on-going deception and ‘perception management’ program surrounding Fukushima, but are also part of yet another ‘hidden agenda’ at work, now that the UN is being called in…AFTER MORE THAN A YEAR…and the U.S. is calling it a ‘national security’ issue. THIS IS DANGEROUS: with the toppling of Building 4 being made out to be the ‘trigger’ for instant mass-death, another HAARP-induced quake could bring this to fruition at any time.  Then, the moment would be ripe for an all-out but covert radio-logical attack on Iran…the elevated levels of atmospheric radio-nuclides could be blamed on Building 4.

And when the incubus of ‘national security’ is invited into bed, the sky is the limit and ALL ROADS LEAD TO…


Believe it or not, this is actually the title of a book from the 1970’s by Arthur Tamplin and Dr. John Gofman, who was a principal biologist for the Manhattan Project.  Gofman had already extensively researched the massive increase in cancer rates from medical radiology before his Manhattan days. Radiology is another seldom-mentioned HUGE source of ionising radiation, and therefore carcinogenesis and mutagenesis in the human environment.  Gofman would have been mates with General Leslie Groves, project director of Manhattan and honorary recipient of what has come to be called the “Groves Memorandum”, a top-secret ‘wish list’ for the uses of radio-logical materials as biological weapons.

In a recent article ‘radchick’ Christina Consolo makes some very good points about the global nuclear scenario.

Although she’s not ‘connecting all the dots’, a common theme seems to emerge from her many varied observations:  time after time, it looks EXACTLY as if EVERY thing that is done or ISN’T done, every decision that is made, with respect to Fukushima, is designed to EXACERBATE AND MAXIMIZE THE RADIATON DAMAGE LEVELS, almost to the point of having been scientifically and strategically calculated.

Read my note to Christina here in which I ‘connect the dots.’

“Christina…EXCELLENT work you're doing, and I just read your latest article on Fukushima.  Just a couple comments...[our nuclear problems] didn't begin with Fukushima but with Trinity.  If you read the Groves memorandum, they spell out the use of 'nuclear pollution' disseminated into the biosphere as a biological weapon.  This is what the whole nuclear industry has really been about all along.  Fukushima was not an 'accident' or 'natural disaster' but a deliberately engineered false-flag industrial catastrophe, in a sequence with 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, and the quakes in Haiti and Christchurch, not to mention many more.  The technology and mentality exists and SAYS SO IN THEIR OWN WORDS to do these things.  The reasons are the same two reasons that the international banking cartel backed the Third Reich, and has made Amerika into the Nazi Germany of today:  1)  total global hegemony and resource control  2) radical depopulation & social control.  Leuren Moret pointed out that when Obama got 'elected', Bill Clinton introduced him on live tv saying to the American public, ‘Obama's going to be your executioner.’

I personally believe there are occult motivations behind the continuous mass-murders that go on all the time...a 'secret mentality' where the Kabbalistic Zionist [cf. 'sacrifice of the lesser brethren' doctrine], Thule Society, Skull & Bones and Bilderbergers meet.  I think THEY might actually hold as true whatever their demented beliefs and aspirations are, but in REALITY it's just another dimension of human delusion, schizophrenia and megalomania.  This is nothing new in the history of civilization; what IS new is that now, tiny groups of psychopaths can control new forms of technology that can wreak almost universal destruction with 'plausible deniability.'

An atomic bomb or missile can be traced to its origin, but a giant burst of intense micro-waves from HAARP-like technologies is much harder to trace, and can be 'plausibly attributed' to solar flares, for example.  This is a HUGE area right now, if you pay attention to what's happening with the sun, what NASA et al. are 'telling' us is happening with the sun, the levels of new technology and operation that the whole global HAARP-related grid is under-going.  HAARP is capable of generating a 'nuclear explosion without the radiation';  'global warming' is a cover for the atmospheric heating caused by HAARP-related technologies.

Ultimately, ALL OF THIS is not about eating the right foods or moving south of the's about WAKING UP TO WHAT IT REALLY MEANS TO BE A HUMAN BEING instead of sleep-walking zombie and FACING UP TO WHAT HAS COMMONLY BEEN THOUGHT OF AS 'DEATH'...INDIVIDUALLY AND COLLECTIVELY.  It's not something to be afraid of, but our centuries of 'demonization' of 'death' and everything else we don't like to think about has CAUSED US TO MAKE SURE IT HAS NOW MANIFESTED IN HARD-CORE PHYSICAL REALITY.  it didn’t have to happen this way but IT'S HERE NOW.

We are eternal spiritual beings inhabiting material biological vehicles, 'sacred temples' is what we are and what Mother Earth is.  We have grossly denied these realities to the point of blatant self-destruction.  Fukushima and many other processes are pure karma that we have inflicted on ourselves.  "What we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves."  Chief Seattle.  

The ancient Egyptians believed that THIS world is the 'duat', the 'netherworld' through which each of us must pass on the sacred journey of life.  When we reach the end, we cross the river and meet with Osiris, the ruler of eternity, and he 'judges' each soul based on what they have done or not done in this life.  This is based on the symbolic 'weight of the heart.'  If the heart is heavy from spiritual darkness, the soul is abandoned to oblivion and ceases to exist;  if the heart is light or in balance, then the soul gets to 'come forth by day' (the Egyptian phrase for 'death') and enter a realm of eternity under the guidance of Osiris.  I am not religious but I believe there is a lot of real truth in this kind of belief.  Since we are primarily consciousness, this is going to continue after we 'die' me, this is a given.  What humanity is doing is making sure that we have no more 'laboratory of incarnation' to return to in future generations of biological humanity, possibly FORCING ourselves to become wholly spiritual and beings of consciousness...or else, not to exist at all?  cheers jeff"

When confronted with solid evidence of a scientifically premeditated depopulation agenda, many people ask ‘But who would do this?”  Here is the answer:

“The Brotherhood of Death”, William Engdahl, from Seeds of Destruction

“Years before Henry Kissinger and Brent Scowcroft made population reduction the official foreign policy of the United States Government, the Rockefeller brothers, in particular John D. Rockefeller III, or JDR III as we was affectionately known, were busy experimenting on human guinea pigs…JDR III made Puerto Rico into a huge laboratory to test his ideas on mass population control beginning in the 1950’s.”

“Investigations by EIR have uncovered a planning apparatus operating outside the control of the White House whose sole purpose is to reduce the world's population by 2 billion people through war, famine, disease and any other means necessary. This apparatus, which includes various levels of the government is determining U.S. foreign policy. In every political hotspot - El Salvador, the so-called arc of crisis in the Persian Gulf, Latin America, Southeast Asia and in Africa - the goal of U.S. foreign policy is population reduction.”

Add in people like John Holdren, Obama's top science advisor:

"In a recent hearing of the Senate Commerce Committee, Chairman John D. Rockefeller IV refers to John Holdren as 'walking on water'- inferring on the current science czar a saint-like status and reaffirming Rockefeller’s admiration of anyone pushing the depopulation agenda his family has propagated for the better part of the 20th century. In the current century, it seems, the family is no less committed to its age-old objectives."

To close the circle on the current and not-so-covert depopulation agenda, which is the sole over-riding purpose of both ‘American foreign policy’ and the Pentagon and military-industrial complex as a whole, read about the Atlantic Council, a D.C.-based ‘think tank’ who appears to be one of the biggest heads of the hydra.  In this article Felicity Arbuthnot pulls together many pieces of the mosaic relating the depopulation agenda, neo-Nazi mentalities of today, complicity of major military and industrial players, the ‘fraternity of fascism’, Orwellian euphemism, and, of course, the wry sense of ‘humour’ shared by the elite over-lords as they envision their world of tomorrow.  Their ‘Humanitarian Awards’ is like an Academy Awards of Depopulation.

Humanitarian Awards are surely taking on a whole new meaning. The end of April brought the obscenity of the announcement that Madeleine Albright, a woman prepared to sacrifice children by proxy was to be awarded America’s highest honour, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, for her role as a long time champion of democracy and human rights all over the world.

In the same twenty four hours, an announcement was made that Britain’s Prince Harry is to receive a special award for his ‘humanitarian work.’

The ‘Distinguished Humanitarian Leadership’ award: ‘recognizes outstanding achievement’ and is presented annually by the Atlantic Council. Prince Harry and his brother, Prince William, have been jointly nominated, with Prince Harry traveling to Washington to accept on behalf of both, on 7th May.

Madeleine Albright’s latest honour for her services to humanity, has been awarded to others who compete admirably with her dedication. They include such peerless war mongers as Henry Kissinger, Donald Rumsfeld, General Colin Powell, whose pack of lies to the United Nations (February 2003) initiated Iraq’s destruction – and former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair whose offices and officers provided those lies.

That human dove of peace, Dick Cheney has been a recipient, as has his Israeli counterpart, Shimon Perez and General Norman ‘No one left to kill’ Schartzkopf, to name a few.”

Fellow recipient of the Award with Albright is Bob Dylan. Funny world…

"Knock...knock...knockin' on heaven's door..."

Sponsors of this peaceful and freedom loving establishment run in to several pages but include the US Departments of the Air Force, Navy, Defence and Energy, and Los Alamos National Laboratory which brought the world the atomic bombs, dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. In the October of that year the Laboratory received the Army-Navy ‘E' Award” for 'excellence in production.'

Another sponsor is the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory whose development aimed originally to: ‘spur innovation and provide competition to nuclear weapons design at Los Alamos.’ It also brought the world the Polaris nuclear armed submarine.

NATO and Lockheed Martin are on the roll of honour, as Raytheon and SAIC ($2.6 Billion in trade with the Department of Defence in 2003, year of the invasion of Iraq.) SAIC’s Management team include Bill Clinton, a clutch of former US Defence Secretaries and former UN Iraq Weapons Inspector David Kay, who continued his fruitless hunt for Iraq’s non-existent weapons of mass destruction after the Iraq invasion, when the US-UK coalition was using them.

General Dynamics is at the table, so to speak, as is Boeing and Dow Chemical, which swallowed up Union Carbide, which brought the world the 1984 Bhopal disaster. Exact casualty numbers have never been established relating to Bhopal, but upper figures are fifteen thousand dead and over half a million medically affected, still ongoing.

These ‘people’ and corporations are 'Necrophiliacs Anonymous', the ‘crème-de-la-crème’ of the mac-daddies of institutionalized mass-murder and depopulation, including Heinrich Kissinger, who actually worked with Hitler, and drafted the official U.S. depopulation strategy; Dick Cheney, master-mind of 9/11; Donald Rumsfeld, also master-mind of 9/11, involved with aspartame and vaccines;  the U.S. Navy, world’s greatest threat to whales and dolphins AND world’s biggest producer of radio-active waste AND prime operator of HAARP; Lockheed Martin, Boeing and Raytheon, top developers, manufacturers and operators of the most advanced high-tech ‘sci-fi’ weapons systems in existence; and good old General Dynamics, one of if not THE largest manufacturer of DU (‘depleted uranium’) weapons on the planet.

“350,000 people will have to be eliminated every day in order to sustain the planet. It's a terrible thing to say but somebody has to say it.” Dr. Jacques Cousteau  [but let's 'save the whales ok?]

“DU weapons are doing good job now to sustain the planet. Many countries have now begun manufacturing weapons cased in depleted uranium. Billions of dollars allotted to around the world for cleaning up nuclear waste sites is now being used to ship nuclear waste…to munitions manufacturers all over the world to be ‘recycled’ into weapons.”

I wonder if the Atlantic Council members and sponsors are already on Ray Kurzweil’s ‘Become a Transcendent Man in 12 Easy Steps’ Program.  After all, ‘transcendent man’ won’t be adversely affected by ionising radiation on this planet…or any other.

Finally, if you’re thinking of escaping ‘south of the border’ a la Mark Sircus, Arnie Gunderson, and Helen Caldicott…but not until building four collapses, and not a minute sooner…remember the book On the Beach by Nevil Shute.  The nuclear ‘survivors’ down under actually suffered more because they lived a little longer.


NOTE:  "The film is about the nuclear submarine USS SAWFISH and its crew which arrive in Australia, one the few remaining liveable spots on the earth... Australian society hasn't yet collapsed and they are well received by the australian royal navy.  Captain Towers, his crew and a handful of Australian marines are sent to sail to the northern hemisphere to investigate...if the levels of radiation have lowered. In preparation for the radiation's arrival Australian government starts producing suicide pills for the population in case the radiation levels in the northern hemisphere won't disperse and reach them provoking a painful death for the population."

SOYLENT GREEN (for a look at post-nuclear cuisine)


from “Generation ‘F’: How Humanity is Winning the War on Itself” Jeff Phillips

“Geneticists in Rachel Carson’s day told us that at least 25 generations of humans must be studied before the full effects of synthetic mutagens could be understood.  Based on biology as we know it, the prospects are grim, with respect to the global radio-logical scenario alone; add in the long-term morbidity/mortality coefficients for chemical, GE/GMO, EMR, environmental destruction, ‘weather warfare’, urbanization and institutionalized unreality initiatives, to name only a few, and the question becomes, ‘How much longer do we have?’

In the real world, where matter is created by consciousness, the transition from ‘this life’ to whatever comes next is not an escape into nothingness nor a bogey-man constellation of fear and uncertainty to live in denial of, but a new journey, a celebration of awakening, of remembering our origin in the light of eternal creative love, at least if we’ve lived life consciously.

Our future is uncertain and unknown; ‘death’ is not what happens when we pass from ‘this life’ but simply the denial of consciousness.  A collective and concerted intent and effort towards even a minimal but positive spiritual renavigation could be the spark that ignites a billion lumps of gray matter to become a unified field of creative consciousness, and grants the spirit of Mother Earth some momentary relief.

Consciousness, creativity, love…these are eternal; ‘death’ is the illusion of identification with matter.  It’s possible to ‘die’ to our out-moded and pathological MOE’s, or ‘mental operating environments’ and, in the words of the ancient Egyptians, to ‘come forth by day’…to awaken to the beauty of infinity.

Throughout history shamanic initiations have provided such opportunities for the chosen individual; providence notwithstanding, cosmic necessity is currently forcing a collective initiation on humanity as a whole, whether we like it or not.”

If we pass the test we may be able to experience a collective ‘coming forth by day’.  If we fail, I am not sure what the options would be.

Fukushima took our self-destruction to the 'next level' over a year ago;  as a whole, humanity is making little or no progress towards attaining anything resembling a real 'next level.'

MAY 2012

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